These are my targets & resolutions for 2019. What about you?

Welcome 2019! Today is the first day of 2019 as well as my first blog post in 2019. Let’s welcome 2019 with a big heart and smile 🙂

Well, to cut short to the case, here’s is my targets and resolutions for 2019. From so many categories, I pick 7 categories that are relevant for me.

we are the champion winning your goal
Winning your own targets

1) As an Individual

I will make exercising as a habit. I’ll try to do it every morning after I wake up from my bed. Reason is, I’m getting older. And I don’t want to spend my remaining life suffering from illness just because I don’t exercise enough when I was young. So start now rather than never.

2) As an Employee and Manager

Aim to be more active with the team. Share more and do training. Master a new tool. Take a new professional certification – which I failed to take last year. Well for the record, I did take the certification but failed. I’m going to study more and retake the certification exam.

3) As an (Future) Entrepreneur

Continue learning and keep expanding as well as searching for another stream of incomes. These are my current stream of incomes as of 1st Jan 2019.

Income stream #1: my 9-6 job.

I guess nothing to explain here. This is my main income that supports me, my wife and our housing loan.

Income stream #2: advertisement from blog.

Currently my blog at is using Google AdSense as a way to cover the cost of running it. Last year I managed to get at least $1/day from Google AdSense (don’t laugh please!), at the end of 31st December 2018 yesterday, my Google AdSense which was setup back on somewhere April 2018, got me as much as $860.35 in income. Well, not bad. That’s even a surplus considering my initial goal was to just cover the website cost.

Passive Income First Dollar from Google AdSense
Passive Income Here I Come: My Very First Dollar from Google AdSense

This year however, I’m aiming to get $3/day from Google AdSense.

Income stream #3: reselling items.

Last year, after moving to my own house, I was kind of lazy to continue reselling items – not sure why, but that’s the fact. Not much income from reselling items back in 2018.

Now in 2019, I’ll resume and catch up with what I have left behind. Just for everyone note here, reselling items here is anything related (normally) to gadgets/IT equipment/peripherals such as charging cable, adapter or converter.

Income stream #4: dividends.

To invest more in stocks/shares that pays dividends. Also to learn more how to pick the correct stocks and shares.

In case anyone interested, here’s one way to invest your money and get guaranteed return at minimum 4%, do check here. Don’t worry, no string attached and for your information, I got no commission at all if in the end you end up doing what I shared on the link.

Income stream #5: UberEats courier.

Well, since Uber left Singapore last year, this income stream is pretty much dead. I haven’t signed up for any replacement since then. I’ll reconsider if I would want to do any food delivery in the near future.

Initially why I did food delivery was because I was kind of lazy to do exercise – even today, that’s why I set to make exercise as a habit as part of 2019 target – so I joined UberEats thinking why not exercise (walking or cycling carrying food and deliver it to whoever order them) and get paid for it (UberEats paid me after successfully delivering the food).

4) As an Investor

Life is like a monopoly game: Start invest now!

Last year was the year of investment for me. I did invest not only on stocks and bonds, but also on CPF and SRS. Last year I was getting my first dividend as well.

This year, I’m going to invest more, aiming those stocks/shares which give back dividends.

If you haven’t started investing, well there’s no better way, rather than to start now. Better be late rather than nothing. I have one good article (here) for you to start investing in your own term. Investing doesn’t have to always involve bonds, stocks, shares. Learning something new is also part of investing as well – invest to yourself.

5) As a Husband

To spend more great time with her, be more patient and to have kids from her.

6) As a Human being

Practice kindness. I have to admit I was quite ignorant as a human being. But I would like to change it this year. Practice kindness after all is not so difficult to be done and doesn’t take much, one simplest way is to say thanks to anyone around you, especially those helping you in any way – for example: saying thanks to bus captain that drive me safely to destination.

7) As a Traveler
That is me and 5 plates of side dishes plus 3 types of chilis! in Sokcho, South Korea

My wife love to travel the world, so as a good husband, I’ll try my best to accommodate this. This year my wife and I have plan to visit New Zealand. Our first travel outside Asia. I’m personally excited to go to New Zealand – though it’s far away from almost anywhere – knowing that New Zealand is superb and rich on its places and sceneries. Hopefully we can get everything ready by then (we need to prepare Visa and international driving license) and everything is going to be good.

My Past Targets and Resolutions

For my 2018 targets and resolutions, do check them here:

2018 in Reflections, do check here.

4th Quarter of 2018, do check here.

3rd Quarter of 2018, do check here.

2nd Quarter of 2018, do check here.

1st Quarter of 2018, do check here.

From targets and resolutions I have set last year, I missed 2 things: getting professional certifications (I did take the test but failed) and getting a kid (I have tried but still failed). If you see the reasons why I missed, that is not because I didn’t even try and let them missed. I did try but the results weren’t as my expectations. So for you who has issues in achieving your own targets and resolutions, do consider the following tips I shared below.

This is my way to achieve targets and resolutions I set

In case anybody wondering why I always share my targets and resolutions here – though probably nobody is really care about them since they are my own targets and resolutions – , the main reason is to hold myself accountable.

By writing and record it here on my blog, I could see them every time I open the link and keep getting reminded to achieve them.

So in case you always lose direction or miss on your targets and resolutions along the way due to many distractions, you should consider doing something similar too, like me, recording your own targets and resolutions somewhere you can keep seeing and getting reminded.

The following article contains other tips you can check to help you achieve whatever targets and resolutions you have put and set, do check here for the article.

What about your 2019 targets and resolutions?

Well, those are 7 categories that are relevant for me, plus my targets and resolutions to achieve in 2019 from me. What about yours?

Do post your comments and thoughts down below on the comment section. Cheers!

One thought on “These are my targets & resolutions for 2019. What about you?

  • January 2, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    Hi Jonathan,

    Excellent route map for current year 2019. You are best planner, You have best imagination power with massive knowledge both in technical and functional. I am big fan of you 🙂
    I also follow and prepare myself and will set my goals for current year 2019. Here onwards I will plan myself. After reading your blog I got headship about my life and career 😍 Thank you, Respect you for all the efforts you had put in paper about all experiences pains and gains🙂


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