Life is like a Monopoly Game: Start Invest Today or Risk to Lose Tomorrow

Do you know Monopoly board game? It’s really a fun-to-play board game. According to its Wikipedia page, Monopoly board game was first invented in 1903. It teaches us a few things: how the economy works, how someone gets bankrupt and ways to get wealthy.

What Monopoly Board Game has something to do with Our Lives?

Just in case you don’t get it yet, our lives are pretty much similar to that monopoly game. Each full cycle in the monopoly game grants us money. In real life, that translates to our monthly salary. Then during each cycle in Monopoly game, players may bump into either free unowned lands or others’ owned land and properties. For each of the free lands, they can choose to invest by buying that piece of land or skip it – in case the player not interested or don’t have enough money to buy. For each owned land and properties by other players, you need to pay rental fee to the other player owning the land and properties.
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Our lives however are pretty much similar to those in Monopoly.

Bumping into free lands in the Monopoly game translates to our opportunity to invest in real life. Not only invest in properties – just like in Monopoly game, but also you can also start invest in yourselves such as take courses, get a degree, get certified; invest in your savings account by start saving although the amount may be small,  invest on any investing instruments; invest in a vehicle if public transport is bad and expensive. On the other hand, bumping into other players’ land and properties and paying them the rental fees in the Monopoly game translates into expenses in real life such as paying rental fee if you are renting a space for living, paying services fee if you are using other people’s help – public transport, taxi.
The more you invest in something – whatever that is, if done correctly – the lesser you are going to spend your money in the long term, of course after free from all of your debts, plus you got chances to even get extra money from the things you invest in such as higher salary for extra certifications you had with you, get rental fee from someone renting in your properties, get extra money from driving uber with your own vehicle.


So start invest today on things that matters to you, no matter how small it is. There’s no miss-the-boat word for investing. You can start investing anything anytime in any stages of your life. Like me, I am 30 years old today and was starting to write articles only 2 years+ back, hoping someday my writings can fully support my life and my family. What about you? Have you started invest in something matters to you?

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