Welcome to 2nd quarter of 2018. Where are you on your goals, resolutions and targets?

Where are you now with your 2018 goals, resolutions and targets?

A gentle reminder to everyone. 2nd quarter of 2018 is here.

No excuse please. You still have 3 quarters left to achieve whatever you have pledged for your 2018 goals, resolutions and targets. If required, since we are still on 2nd quarter of 2018, you should have enough time left to make some adjustments to your goals or resolutions or targets if you see they are not making any sense anymore or if today you have different priorities.

Here’s My 2018 Goals, Resolutions and Targets Progress

At the beginning of 2018, I did pledged in 7 areas and each areas have their own targets to achieve. Read here to see my pledges back then.
2018 half year target review jilaxzone.com breakdown target
Where are you now on your 2018 goals, resolutions and targets

1. As individual: In 2018 I pledge to do whatever I’m doing good in 2017 and to keep staying healthy, maintain good weigh – now I’m 70KGs, get life insurance for me and my wife.

Progress I made on 1st quarter 2018:Great. I managed to maintain my weight at average 70KGs. To stay healthy, I’m still doing food delivery on weekends – getting healthy and at the same time, get paid for it (check here if you are interested). I have got myself a life insurance back on Feb 2018, while my wife have just recently submitted for her life insurance – looking forward to share with you folks, the life insurance we are taking and why you should consider taking the same. Stay tuned on my future posts.

2. As an employee and a manager: get certified on latest Technology, document the framework, create more helpful templates for peers to start working, be more caring to team members – making sure none of them are left behind in terms of skill development.

Progress I made on 1st quarter 2018: Lagging. This is probably the area where I’m lagging behind. Due to my work commitments and recent situations where one of my team projects is turning to red status (delayed), I got to help them, making sure they are not sinking and lose faith with the project.

3. As a future entrepreneur: to get more and steady passive income from jilaxzone.com and its spin off, to make my blog to be more users friendly and search engine friendly, to be financially free at the age of 35.

Progress I made on 1st quarter 2018: Good. While there’s no steady income yet from my blog, however as you can see now my blog contains advertisements from Google Adsense which hopefully doesn’t really annoy you (and I have made a post here), so progress here is I have made my first dollar of passive income from my blog. Yay!

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4. As an investor: in 2017 I managed to invest in government bonds, Bitcoin and my first property. For 2018 I’m looking to better diversify and be financially aware and savvy on financial terms and products to see how they can financially help improve my wife and my life.

Progress I made on 1st quarter 2018: Good. My wife and I managed to open a security account – somewhere back in Feb 2018, however until today, we have made no transactions yet. At the same time, today actually is the day my first property purchase is finalized.

5. As a modern non-nomadic person: Finalize home purchase and move in to the new house

Progress I made on 1st quarter 2018: Great. Yes, today is the day my first property purchase is finalized. Today my wife will help me to collect the house keys from law firm and we plan to move in to the new house by this coming weekend – 8th April 2018. Wish us luck!

6. As a husband: less gadgets time, more communication and time with wife, get a kid.

Progress I made on 1st quarter 2018: Good but can be better. Another area I’m lagging behind, but I do make progress on the less gadget time and to have more communication and time with my wife.

7. As a human being: be more social, talk and willing to know more people. Be more on giving and forgiving.

Progress I made on 1st quarter 2018: Good. I have tried to talk to everyone I met – be it taxi drivers who sent me back from office to home or strangers I met on lift – at least I did say “Hi!” to them. Be less emotional and try not to take everything personally.


What about YOU?

Those are my progress as of 1st quarter of 2018. How about you? How far are you from reaching your own 2018 goals, resolutions and targets?
Don’t worry, you and I are all still have 3 more quarters to go to achieve them. Don’t give up so easily.
I did write an article about strategies, tips and tricks you can apply to help you achieve your goals, resolutions and targets. Be sure to check it here.

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