iPhone XI: Now who’s the copycatter? (Hint: it’s you Apple)

FYI. I, myself, am a long time Apple user here, currently still using iPhone 7+. Here’s the proof.

iPhone after converted to Special Edition Product Red jilaxzone.com
My iPhone 7+ after the conversion to Special Edition PRODUCT RED – Looks great and looks like a new iPhone!

Companies used to copy Apple and it’s true!

So many people, including myself always saying many Smartphone manufacturers (like Samsung, Huawei and many others) are copying Apple. This is right at some point and to certain extent. I can even dare saying, likely there won’t be Android if iPhone was never invented in the first place.

Like it or not, now Apple is the copycatter!

But time has changed. And a lot has happened since then. Fast forward to today and looking at the latest rumor (see pic below), now who’s the follower and copycater?

iphone xi leaks 2019 jilaxzone.com
iPhone XI 2019 rendering. Image courtesy of digit.in.

The squarish camera setup is similar to those in Huawei latest flagships: the Mate 20 series (See pic below).

Huawei Mate 20 Pro phone with 3 cameras jilaxzone.com
The camera arrangement on the rumored iPhone XI looks similar to Huawei Mate 20 (Image courtesy of Huawei.com)

Here’s the render of the rumored next gen 2019 iPhone: iPhone XI.

iPhone XI renders first look in 2019

Even if the rumor isn’t true nor won’t it materialized, there’s plenty of things Apple copied blatantly from its competitors: Control Center (from Android), dual camera setup (from Huawei), full screen edge-to-edge display (from Samsung), 3rd party keyboards (from Android) and so many other things.

Even the copycatting act doesn’t end up with iPhone and iOS features only. It goes as far as releasing a new product line: HomePod (copying from Amazon Echo) and the recent news is iTunes and AirPlay as service (copying Google model – one product multiple manufacturers).

So, shall these manufacturers start suing Apple from copying theirs? And will Apple really come out with the rumored design like you see above?

Do give your thoughts and comments down below.

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