Last Quarter of 2017 is here. Where are you now on your target? 7 Strategies to Help Achieve Your Target.

Last quarter of 2017 is here. If you still have plenty on your plate (read: target list) that you haven’t achieved or even you haven’t even started yet, now it’s the time. Don’t wait any longer. Otherwise you’ll end up carrying those list for next year. 3 months left means 90 more days. And depends how you manage your time and whether you want to actually doing it or not, to me 90 days are considered a lot of time to do much more things.

The Number 1 Reason why most people fail to achieve what they are targeting?

Like me in the past, most people put too many unrealistic target without knowing even where to start. So people keep delaying and procrastinating. Do these seem and sound familiar to you?
Most people like to just imagine it without ever really taking action out of it. I used to be in this group of people – you too could be in this same group as well. Are you?
People like to imagine how nice it is to drive a sports car, people love to imagine how nice to be able to travel around the world, people always imagine to have a pretty/handsome spouse, people happy to imagine to be a millionaire. And that’s the pattern: most people keep imagining all those beautiful things without taking any further actions.
Don’t get me wrong, having imagination is a good thing, but whatever your target is, it won’t really materialized if we only make it out in our imaginations. We are not magician who from imagination then say the magic words “Abracadabra” then it will appear in front of us. We are not Harry Potter unfortunately. All these were happened to me last time, until I use the following techniques I explain further below, so keep reading.

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 7 Strategies you can use to achieve your targets

we are the champion winning your goal
Winning your own targets

1. Make yourself accountable

Make it like you are owning to a creditor, but instead the actual creditor, you are owning to yourself.
Do you have a loan at a Bank, Financial institute or at a loan shark?
If you have, then make the same feeling to your target list like you own a sum amount of money to a creditor.
If owning to yourself seemed difficult, then make it like a virus that attack your body immune system. If you delay to do something about it, it will make your condition even worse. I believe all of us, no matter how healthy we are, at some point we can get attacked by virus which lower our body immune system, make ourself getting weaker and feel pain. As a normal human being that feels pain and/or uncomfortable feeling because of the sickness, we try our best to come out from that condition as soon as possible either by visiting a doctor, taking medicine or simply resting.
Use the same feeling to your target, make it like if you don’t achieve it, you will feel more pain and discomfort.

2. Make it your priorities.

Have you ever in this kind of situation: Imagine you are an office worker who take public transport to go to office every day. One day, it is raining so hard, but yet you still go to office despite the bad weather. Another sample, you have your first date and it’s watching movie. However on the same day, you have so many pending jobs to be done, yet you still make it to the movie on time.
Hope you get my point. Like the situation I mentioned above, make your target list a priority. Make it same like when you need to go to office each and every day. Make it like when you have to go -no matter what happen-to your first date. Because if you don’t make first date your priorities, till this date you will still be single, simply because you don’t put relationship as your priority. Same thing works for your targets. Make them your priorities.

3. Take a baby step. Breakdown to smaller target and task.

Take one step at a time achieve your goal
One step at a time. There’s a reason why they made staircase to be like that – so people can step on it one by one till reach the next floor – same to your goal.
Like a baby when he is born. He won’t be able to straight away walk, let alone run. He needs his first baby steps before able to eventually walk and run. He needs to learn how to crawl around, walk with both hands and legs, learn how to stand using his both legs, to eventually start walking. We are the same to our goal. Take the baby steps simply by breaking our target to a small more achievable more make-sense target.

4. Ask for help.

If till this date you still unable to know where to start, sometimes all you need to do is just ask. Seek help and advice from anywhere. From the internet, from mentors, from people that has done similar things to you before. Nowadays is very easy to get any kind of information you want. There’s Google, there’s Quora, there’s Reddit, there’s plenty of YouTube how-to videos, there’s plenty of website and blogs like mine who offers help and share experiences. Ask and get at least the basic to start.

5. Print your target list on a paper.

How to get Rich and Wealthy my dream sport car - Toyota GT86
My dream sports car: Toyota GT86 – I print out this and put in front of my bed so I can see it each and every time I’m resting
It’s not so eco-friendly but it does help. Print your target list on a piece of paper and paste it on your room, your monitor, wherever you are commonly sitting or resting. Great the print out is not just text but with pictures of it. The more you see it, the more chances for you to do it and held accountable for it.

6. Start Taking Action.

The secret of getting rich and wealthy they can do it i can do it you can do it too
They can do it. I can do it. You can do it too! Start Taking Action. Today!
The most important thing is to start taking action. Nothing more important than to really start taking action today. Don’t wait but start executing. And do not be afraid to fail. Thomas Alva Edison who invented light bulb did not succeed on his first try. In fact it took him many years of research and failures to get the first light bulb working.

7.  Devote Your Energy to your Targets.

Apart from making it a priority and to start taking action, the one thing that most people forget or simply ignore is we need the energy to do it. Most of the time, people has done the first 6 strategies but fail on the last one. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak, said in the Bible. To achieve your targets, you need to devote your energy to do it.

Bring it all together

This is the last quarter of 2017, make it count, make it worth, make it an unforgettable moments for you. Let’s not let this year lists to get carried over to next year. Aim to complete whatever you have set for your targets, use the 7 strategies above to help you achieve your targets. Do comments and give your thoughts on comment section below, whether or not you think you will be able to achieve all your 2017 targets. Cheers!

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