There’s retro-game emulator hiding inside Telegram Messenger. Here’s how to use it | Android | iPhone

Play various retro game consoles on your Android and iOS devices It’s less than 5 minutes to get your game

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Signal Private Messenger: Default Settings you should change for even better privacy

Signal Private Messenger or known as Signal in short, offers better privacy then its competitors. On top of that, Signal

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Here’s how to install and use Google AdSense app on iPhone and iOS device

Google has removed Google AdSense from Apple App Store. Check out the steps below to enable you to install and

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Shoot RAW photos without paying the iPhone Pro price

Doesn’t have US$999 to spend on new iPhone Pro? Then consider doing this to enable your existing iPhone to shoot

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Turning iPad and iPhone as retro-gaming machine emulators! Psst! No Jailbreak needed.

Who say only Android can run emulators? iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad can run emulators too. Without jailbreak!

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Offline Messenger: Why you should install, learn to use it and share it before any emergencies

Keys to survive: Always ready and always have a backup plan. From internet outage, lost and get separated in crowds

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FREE! Ep 14: FREE apps & Games. Android, iOS, PC and Xbox One. Limited Period Only. Download link inside.

Who doesn’t love free stuffs? I do love them. Here are FREE stuffs for this episode. Enjoy! Go to FREE!

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Here’s how to run Android on your iPhone and iPad. No Jailbreak required.

Android is open source, why not fork a version for iOS devices? Many of you probably ask this, “Why you

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