The Best Investment You Can Do All The Time (hint: it’s not Bitcoin and it’s not Amazon stocks)

According to investment experts of our time – think about Warren Buffet, think about Robert Kiyosaki, the investment we have today in our world are these: paper based investment (Stocks, Bonds, ETFs), property, precious metals (gold, diamonds) and lately the cyrptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. (Learn how to mine using Android here).
Bitcoin Boom How to Mine Cryptocurrency using Android
Bitcoins – Today’s form of Investment
However there is also another form of investment – which most of the investment experts of our time fail to identify and to me this investment is the best investment of all time that everybody should invest in: be healthy and always stay healthy.

Why is it the best investment?

There’s no point of having so much stock shares of a S&P 500 companies if you are falling sick, there’s no point to have hundreds or thousands property under your flag if you yourself is lying sick on a hospital bed counting your days, there’s no point of having a boatload of golds and diamonds, tons of Bitcoins if you can’t even live to enjoy it.
So the best investment of all time that not many experts point it out is to be healthy and always stay healthy.

Although it’s the best, the fact that most people just simply (most of the time) ignore it

Unlike other forms of investments which tends to be super-complicated in process with all their financial jargons which seems alien to me and to most of us, be healthy and always stay healthy is considerably much easier to be done. However yet so many of us fail to do and keep ourselves healthy. Read more to know why most of us fail to do it.

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Number #1 reason people always fail

If today you are not feeling healthy nor feeling at your best condition, that is because you are not making your health a priority for you. And that’s the main reason why most of us today are not at our best condition.
We choose to watch Netflix TV series instead of jogging, we choose to eat that oversalted food and oversweet drink, instead of eating a more healthier choices.
You can’t miss watching TV, but you always miss to go to Gym.
What most people get in their head is that, getting healthy is going to be painful. Well, I can’t say that thinking is totally wrong, but that’s also not entirely correct. Getting healthy and always stay healthy doesn’t always need to be a painful experience. You just need to find the best workaround that works great for you.

Make it balance. Make it a habit. Make it priority.

Getting healthy doesn’t mean you need to eat all vegetarian, doesn’t also mean to give up all of your hobbies, but try to make it more balance and habit. And do make it a priority.
The secret of getting rich and wealthy they can do it i can do it you can do it too
They can do it. I can do it. You can do it too!
If you can’t give up certain things because you are damn like them, then give up something else.
If you can’t give up watching Daenerys and Jon Snow actions at Game Of Throne series, then give up your gaming time – instead of playing game, go exercise.
Must Visit Place in Singapore Arab Street Padang Minang
Nasi Padang – Dish I can’t avoid to splurge myself to it
If you can’t give up your oversalted pasta because you grew up with that food, then give up your oversweet avocado juice or your beer and instead drink plain water.
Retain what you do love and can’t give up and go change what you don’t really love and willing to give it up.
Why you can always make space for Daenarys and Jon Snow despite your packed schedule, but you can’t give space to do some exercise? Do remember: Make it your priority. Getting healthy – like any other forms of investment which tend to be fruitful only after certain period of time, which usually take years and years – is a very long term investment. So if you don’t start invest today, to make your health your priority, then don’t blame someone else if down the road you’ll end up become someone who are not on your best condition, have health complication issues, overweight, diabetes, and so on and so forth.

My strategy to keep myself healthy.

I’m a very lazy person even till today. I got a lot of scolding from my wife simply because I’m way over too lazy. The moment I sit and rest my body at bed, then the whole time I won’t do anything else productive anymore, even to get a glass of water to refresh my thirstiness. I chose to leave my throat thirsty rather than wake up and walk less than 2 meters to get my glass of water.
Historically speaking when I was a small kid I was the laziest person in the classroom to do anything related to exercise or doing sports. Even the supposed-to-be-fun scouting activities, I escaped. While other small kids so happy to play soccer or basketball together, I just happily rejected the offer to play together with them and instead watched the game and without hesitation helped to look after their items (we don’t have locker facility last time). Basically I’m dumb (or at least feeling dumb) at exercise even the easiest one: jogging/running.
Today, I grown up so big and so old already and realized healthy is my number #1 priority and investment I should make. Today, all my weekdays activities are all related to and getting in touch with technology: staring at the computer monitor screen during working hour, and staring at phone screen during lunch break, commute and even dinner. So to balance out and combat my dumbness and laziness in doing exercise and sports, I use strategy to sort of “trick” my brain and body.
get healthy and get paid for it ubereats pay
My rewards delivering food to customers – Healthy is rewarding
I like getting rewards. Who doesn’t like to get rewarded anyway? So my strategy to balance it – to make myself prioritise my health – is by joining healthy and rewarding programme (link here) where you get rewards if you walk 10,000 steps a day, selling gadgets (link here) where I need to walk to meet the buyer at the agreed place, and becoming an Uber Food courier (link here) where I need to wake, cycle and run to deliver the food to the customers.
healthy is investment 10k steps
Aiming for 10,000 steps a day!
I tricked my brain that by doing all those things, I will get the rewards (money in this case) that eventually make my body moves and get along with my brain. And so far this method is working great for me. Apart from me now feel healthier and more fresh, as a result of those activities, today I lost almost 10KG since last year alone. And another good thing is that by doing those activities on regular basis – walk 10,000 steps, meet with the buyers and customers, now they slowly become my habit. My brain and body crave if I don’t walk 10,000 steps, or do not walk to meet buyers and customers. Awesome to me!

What about you?

What about you and your story? Have you make healthy as your priority and your investment?
What troubles you to start being healthy and always stay healthy?
Do give your comments, thoughts, story below on comment section.


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