7 Important Items Every Uber Driver Needs to Bring

Becoming an Uber Driver?
Here are 7 important items every Uber Driver needs to bring with you.
Uber Important Items jilaxzone.com 7 important items to bring while driving Uber
Important Items to bring while driving/riding for Uber and/or UberEats
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These 7 items applicable, not only to Uber Driver, but also UberEats Driver / Power Rider and even to any delivery services courier.

1. Important Item #1: Smartphone

Uber Important Items jilaxzone.com smartphone
Important Items #1: Smartphone
This one is pretty much clear and obvious. Thanks to technological advancement, today you can get money from your smartphone. Yes, you need your phone to get order from Uber. So this makes phone to be important item #1.
Tips: Uber Driver app is a super battery-draining app. If you are not using it (a.k.a you are not doing pickup and delivery), best if you kill the app.

2. Important Item(s) #2: Power Bank + Charging Cable

Uber Important Items jilaxzone.com charging cable and power bank
Important Items #2: Charging cable & Power bank
Your phone’s battery won’t last forever and like the tips given above, Uber Driver app itself is top battery drainer since the app actively track your whereabouts. If you are driving a car, you need the charging adapter and charging cable, however if you are riding a motorcycle, bicycle or even on your bare foot (walker), then you need to bring power bank and charging cable with you.

3. Important Item(s) #3: Water Bottle + Snacks

Uber Important Items jilaxzone.com water bottle
Important Items #3: Water bottle (& snacks)
Not only your phone that needs power, you yourself also need that extra power. After getting few orders and deliver them, at certain point you must be feeling tired and/or exhausted, regardless the vehicle you are driving (car, motorcycle, bicycle or bare foot). It’s always handy to bring water bottle and some snacks with you to replenish yourself. These two (water bottle and snacks) are extremely important especially if you are trying to fulfil Uber criteria to get incentives where you need to stay online during prime time and can’t reject orders to maintain acceptance rate.

4. Important Item #4: Sunglass

Uber Important Items jilaxzone.com sunglass
Important Items #4: Sunglass
Protect your pair of eyes from direct sunlight. Applicable if you are driving during the day regardless of vehicle you are driving/riding (including bare foot – walker).

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5. Important Item #5: Hat / Helmet

Uber Important Items jilaxzone.com hat or cap
Important Items #5: Hat or Cap
Protect your head from direct sunlight. Applicable if you are driving during the day and if you are riding motorcycle, bicycle or bare foot.
For those driving car, then it won’t matter much since pretty much your head is covered by you car.
For those riding motorcycle, helmet is a must. It’s not only protect your head from the heat, but also from accident.
For those riding bicycle, use either bicycle helmet or hat/cap to protect your head from the heat. If you want extra protection from any accident, best if you can wear bicycle helmet.
For those with bare foot (walker), use either hat or cap.

6. Important Item #6: Bag

Uber Important Items jilaxzone.com bag
Important Items #6: Bag
This is applicable more for UberEats Driver, since you need to bring and deliver foods to customer, you won’t be able to hold everything with your both hands: power bank, charging cable, water bottle, sunglass and hat. Bring a bag with you to carry all of those.

7. Important Item #7: Pair of Shoes

Uber Important Items jilaxzone.com shoes
Important Items #7: Pair of Shoes
Well, this one is not for you to borrow but rather for you to wear it. There’s no written rules from Uber that you need to wear a shoes, so practically you can use any kind of foot-protection you like, such as sandals or even high heels (if you are woman). However only shoes can offer extra protection: fully cover your feet from any kind of accidents such as step on something sharp, step on dirty water, prevent injury on your feet if something fell to your feet. More over, wearing shoes instead of sandals, makes you look even better and more professionals.

Bonus Item: Raincoat / Umbrella

Uber Important Items jilaxzone.com umbrella
Bonus Items: Umbrella
Bring raincoat during rainy seasons if you plan to do pickup and delivery during raining.
Fun fact: For food delivery, when raining the tendency and likeliness is that more people will make order, since most of them (including myself) are lazy to go out. So rain = more orders. On the other hand, not all Uber Drivers/Riders want to go doing pickup and delivery during raining. So rain = more orders = less drivers/riders.
That’s why if you are the one who doesn’t mind to do pickup and delivery while raining, bring raincoat. So rain = more orders = less drivers/riders = more earning for you.

The Verdict

Those are 7 important items and 1 bonus item that I do bring with me while taking orders. What about you? Do you have other important items I miss to bring all this time? Let me know your thoughts.


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