[FREE GAME] Spider-Man looking game you can play on your Android and iPhone – Hang Line: Mountain Climber

Wanted to play Spider-Man but doesn’t have PS4 with you?

Well, chill guys! There’s alternatives!

While you won’t meet the spider with red and blue costume and the 3D open world gameplay, but this game is as entertaining as Spider-Man.

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Meet Hang Line: Mountain Climber

Available on both Android and iOS, at Hang Line: Mountain Climber, your mission is to rescue survivors and or collect collectible items across missions.

Let’s skip the talking and see the gameplay directly here.

Hang Line: Mountain Climber Gameplay

Hang Line: Mountain Climber – Download link

Here’s the official download link on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. At the time this article is written, this game is on rank #3 on Apple App Store (US).


  iOS / iPhone Android
OS iOS 8 & up Android 4.2 (JellyBean) & up
Internet Connection Required Yes Yes
Download Link ios app store jilaxzone logo google play jilaxzone logo
QR Code
Alternative Link iOS link Android link


Bring it all together

Like I said, this is not Spider-Man game but as entertaining as playing Spider-Man. And the best is you can play this Hang Line: Mountain Climber anywhere – even during toilet break.

If you still prefer to play Spider-Man instead of this game – while you don’t own a PS4, you may want to consider play previous Spider-Man games on retro console while save money to buy a PS4 and Spider-Man game. Here’s the link to get you started.


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