Turn any ebooks to be audiobook for FREE & save tons of your money! Here’s how to do it.

Save your hard-earned money with this simple trick. Applicable to both Android and iOS devices.

There’s plenty of good reasons why audiobook is much better (and much more expensive) than an ebook or even the actual physical book itself.

Number #1: Compare to physical book, audiobook is super compact and super light – it won’t take so much space in your desk, bookshelf and bag nor it won’t weigh more than 500 gram. It takes only your storage space as well as a small space for you to keep the audiobook device.

NLB Free NewsPaper and Magazine PressReader jilaxzone.com
Apart from ebook and audiobook, there’s plenty of eMagazines and eNewsPapers you can get. Here’s how you can get them.- Image courtesy of PressReader.com.

Number #2: Compare to an ebook, audiobook is more convenient – because unlike ebook (or even physical book) where you need to fully focus on reading it, with audiobook you can listen to it while doing something else, such as during exercising, commuting, working or even when driving and about to go sleeping. That convenient however, comes with a price- people helped record the contents and reading it for your pleasure – that’s the reason why audiobook cost much more expensive than an ebook.

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Not really an ebook, but MagPi – the Raspberry Pi Magazines – which you can get also for FREE here.

I can go on and on on the advantages of audiobook over ebook and phsical book, but I guess those 2 from me is more than enough to warrant your attention here. But in case you want to add another advantages of audiobook then be my guess. You can write down on the comment section down below.

Audiobook is much more expensive than ebook and actual physical book!

Yes! Because of the reasons I’m telling you above.

Now if you check on your favorite book store (like Amazon, Apple Book Store, Google Play Books, or whatever it is), for the same title, price of an Audiobook is much more expensive than a normal ebook.

ebook price vs audiobook price jilaxzone.com
Ebook vs Audiobook: So much different in price!

This is just for sample. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The eBook price is just $1.42, while the audiobook is $19.99 – that’s even price after discount!

Here’s how and what you can do to turn your ebook to be an audiobook

Now here’s the trick how you can turn any ebook into an audiobook. This shall work on any Android and iOS devices, smartphone or tablet. No rooting and no jailbreaking required. For those who concerns, the steps provided below are perfectly legal!

If you are using Android (smartphone or tablet)

Since Android 4.4 (KitKat), text-to-speech has already built-in to Android. Now for Android device, there’s 2 types: application that support “Read Aloud” and application that has no support of “Read Aloud”.

For Application that support “Read Aloud” (such as Google Play Books)

These are the steps you need to do:

Depends on your Android device manufacturer and your Android OS version, the location of menu/button placement/label could be a little bit different than what I wrote below – but you should be easily recognize something similar to your Android device.

1) Open the ebook as usual.

android enable read aloud text to speech jilaxzone.com
Enable Read Aloud to turn any ebook to be audiobook – for those compatible ebooks

2) Tap on the 3-dot button located on the top right side of the screen (or any menu button), tap on “Read Aloud” to enable text-to-speech.

Now your compatible ebooks with compatible apps can turn into audiobooks!

For Application that has no support of “Read Aloud”

These are the steps you need to do:

text to speech read aloud not available jilaxzone.com
Unfortunately not all ebooks are created equal. Some ebooks on Android do NOT support Read Aloud, but there’s a workaround for that 🙂

Depends on your Android device manufacturer and your Android OS version, the location of menu/button placement/label could be a little bit different than what I wrote below – but you should be easily recognize something similar to your Android device.

1) Open your Google Play Store.

android accessibility suite apk jilaxzone.com
Android Accessibility Suite – a must install app for Android owner – to enable full text to speech on Android!

2) Search for “Android Accessibility Suite” then tap on “Install”.

Alternatively, here’s the Google PlayStore Download link: Android Accessibility Suite.

3) Once installed, you won’t see any new icon on your home screen/app drawer. Instead go to Settings > Accessibility > Services.

android turn on select to speak jilaxzone.com
Turn on Select to Speak to enable full text to speech capability on Android – not only ebook become audiobook, web pages, PDFs, any texts!

4) Under Services, tap on “Select to Speak”. Turn it ON.

5) When prompted, tap on “OK”. If done correctly, you should see a floating button appear on your screen.

6) Now go to your preferred eBook app (such as Amazon Kindle) and open any ebook you want to turn into audiobook.

7) Once the ebook opened, tap on the floating button and press the play button.

Now your ebook, though the app is not compatible with “Read Aloud” can still be turned into audiobook.

If you are using iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)

Things are much simpler in iOS – you don’t need to install any app. Apple has baked the feature into the iOS directly.

The steps here is based on iOS 13. If you are using different version iOS, the steps may slightly different a bit.

1) On your iOS device, go to Settings > Accessibility.

2) Under Vision, tap on “Spoken Content”.

3) Inside Spoken Content, tap on “Speak Screen” and turn it ON.

4) Now go to your preferred eBook app (Eg: Apple Books) and open any ebook you want to turn into audiobook.

5) Once the ebook opened, swipe down from top of the screen to bottom of screen using TWO FINGERS.

A small menu interface shall appear on the middle of the screen. And It should automatically start speaking the ebook content, but in case it’s not, press the play button. Once done hearing, tap on the “X” button to close the interface.

How’s that? Super easy-to-be-done trick and handy, right?

Microsoft free ebooks and magazines jilaxzone.com
In case you are interested with FREE eBooks and Magazines from Microsoft, here’s the link.

Bring it all together

You’ll save tons of money for not buying audiobooks and instead just a normal ebooks. The sum differences, you can use it to buy another ebooks that you like to read or donate it for a good cause.

Oh, in case you don’t realize it, this text-to-speech trick is not only applicable to ebook, with the same trick now you can also enable it to read website page contents on your browser or your notes or any PDF documents, anything as long as it’s a text format.

Do you have anything you want me to cover on my next article? Write them down on the comment section down below.

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