Life hack: Easy way to prevent dehydration & kidney failure – Important for Workers & those WFH, you are the most affected

There’s so many causes for a kidney failure, but dehydration is one of them and one of the common one.

I’m not a doctor nor a health professional. I am just a normal guy with many friends and acquitances getting a kidney failure, mostly due to prolonged dehydration. Some of them are still alive and recovering, some of them are struggle in dialysis center, some of them had passed away – may peace be with you, friends!

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Doesn’t matter outdoor activities or office/factory workers, you have to keep rehydrated frequently

When I’m talking about prolonged dehydration is like accumulated for so many years, mostly happen to factory or office worker (like myself) who stands/sits the whole day long (but also applicable to everyone else, such as those who do outdoor activities or exercise a lot but forget to rehydrate). Most of these workers are situated on the air conditioned room. So many of them don’t feel the need to rehydrate – most of us, don’t feel thirsty throughout the day – thanks to the air conditioner. Most of us are drink only during coffee time or lunch time. And if you have the same pattern like what I mentioned just now, you should be worried.

But I have an easy-to-implement life hack to prevent dehydration (especially for workers like me) which in the end hopefully avoiding us from kidney failure due to prolonged dehydration.

That’s the reason I’m writing this article so that you who happen to read, hopefully can do this easy life hack to prevent both dehydration and kidney failure. There’s no better time than start today, now! Feel free to share this with people that you love and care about.

drink water to avoid kidney failure
Drink water to prevent dehydration and kidney failure


Yes, you guessed it. The solution is drink enough water.

But that’s not the problem here. The main problem here is most of us feel so comfortable sitting/standing in our working area and forget to rehydrate.

the best way to stay hydrated drink water
The best way to stay hydrated and avoid kidney failure is to drink water. Pure Water!

Go for a pee now (or later when you feel you want it) and see if your urine is white clear to soft yellowish or yellowish to dark yellow?

If your urine is yellowish to dark yellow, you SHOULD and MUST proceed with the life hack below.

The life hack: Set a daily, every half an hour reminder on your phone.

As simple as that. Really!

Everybody these days own a phone. Using a phone – even a dumb one – you can set a reminder every half an hour to remind you to rehydrate – to drink.

Bye 2G Network Good ol Nokia Phone
Even basic phone like this has reminder/alarm feature

So, before closing this article for good, open your reminder app on your phone, set a reminder with a alarm tone/sound, give a label/wording as “Drink please..” and repeat the reminder every half an hour from 9 am to 5pm.

In case your phone doesn’t have a reminder, use the alarm app will do.

Doing this, your future self will be so thankful to your current self (and to me of course. Haha!).

Trust me, living as someone with kidney failure is not something cool nor fun. Not only you need to undergo kdiney dialysis on frequent basis and pay for it, but the pain your body is getting from the failure and from the needles during dialysis.

I am already doing it and so hopefully you too are doing it

dehydration prevention reminder half an hour
Life hack: Easy dehydration prevention by setting up reminder every half an hour daily

I have been doing the life hack for sometime and now I always rehydrate myself every half an hour and now getting used to it already – even I don’t need my phone to remind me anymore. Unconciously, my body gets me to drink when half an hour has passed.

Source: Dehydration affect your kidneys (

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