Will the next generation iPhone use USB-C like the latest iPad Pro? Why not!

Do you know that there’s an iOS devices (not Mac OS nor Macbook ya!) now that is NOT using lightning connector (aka lightning port) but an industrial-standard USB Type-C?

In case you don’t know, yes there are now iOS devices that runs on standard USB Type-C connector(now it’s shortened and known as USB-C).

Meet the first two iOS devices with USB-C Connector

They are the new iPad Pro which Apple just introduced on 30th October 2018 ago: 11 inch iPad Pro and 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

While the move to USB-C has been predicted by many – thanks to the leaking info and news we got, but most people – not only Apple fans, but also those who favors Android – were in disbelief that that day might ever come. In fact it has come!

iOS devices with usb-c connector jilaxzone.com
The first two iOS devices with USB-C connector: 11 inch iPad Pro 2018 and 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2018. Image courtesy of Apple.com

So now the new iPad Pro 2018 comes with USB-C connector which enables iPad Pro to connect with so many things, from camera, monitor, music equipment and even charging an iPhone! At least those are what Apple shown us (check the iPad Pro 2018 introduction video here).

Hopefully it won’t just connect to those things only which Apple shown on the video but on any USB-C accessories and peripherals – such as printer, USB-Hub, desktop docking, USB-C keyboard. If you are thinking to connect a USB-C mouse to iPad Pro, well unfortunately for sure USB-C mouse nor Bluetooth mouse support is still absent.

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The next most-asked question by many is, will the next iPhone follow iPad Pro’s move to use USB-C?

Is this the beginning of Apple’s movement to use a more standard connector?

Well, the move for iPad Pro to use standard USB-C connector is deemed really necessary, due the following factors:

  • Apple is placing iPad Pro as a PC replacement, “It’s a computer, unlike any computers”.
  • USB-C now has been considered as matured and has plenty of accessories and peripherals to choose from.
  • Apple recognized that not all people are willing to spend so much extra on device with limited connectives/peripherals/accessories and not all people also willing to spend another extra to buy the accessories.
  •  Likely Apple move to blend iOS and Mac OS to be unified Apple OS.
iPhone with USB-C connector jilaxzone.com
Will Apple future next iPhone also comes with USB-C connector? Only time will tell.

Next iPhone to use USB-C connector?

But for iPhone case, there are no urgency to switch to USB-C, since iPhone – no matter how powerful it is – is still considered as a phone which by design primarily to be used as an individual communication tool, iPhone doesn’t need to connect to so many peripherals/accessories – at least not many people would like to do so yet. And perhaps, by keep using lightning connector for iPhone, Apple can keep tight control on the standard what can connect and what can’t connect to it (such as decreasing the chance of getting hacked by tool like Graykey) and at the same time keep becoming Apple money making machine, generating money from selling the proprietary lightning charging cable and accessories.

However, depends on iPad Pro 2018 reception and the request and demand from Apple consumers, Apple may change their mind and migrating their whole device portfolio to USB-C standard. Only time will tell.

What do you think? Will Apple use USB-C on their next iPhone? Do give your comments and thoughts down below on comment section. Cheers!

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