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Finding that your smartphone or tablet suddenly and out-of-nowhere unable to charge?

Though I know you must be panicking, but stay calm! I’ve got trick you can use, before going to repairmen.

Dust Dust Dust!

Over time, our smartphones and tablets are collecting dust. On the speaker grills, on the mics, and not-to-surprise on the charging port as well.

Music Audio Not Working on iPhone jliaxzone.com clean the charging port
For some cases, the reason your phone can’t no longer charge is because of thick dust hiding inside the charging port

And in some cases, especially if your device was not dropped from some heights nor submerged into water, the reason it can’t charge is due to thick dust hiding on the charging port. It’s not happening overnight, the dust gets there – hiding and gathering on the charging port – after rounds of accumulation each day you are using the smartphone and place it somewhere dusty – pockets, bags, drawers, tables.

Can’t charge – Here’s what you can do before going to repairmen

1) Get a cotton bud (if the charging port is big enough) or tooth picks with tissue or cleaning cloth, and alcohol (non-drinkable one) or some cleaning liquid (do NOT use water!).

2) Pour the cleaning liquid to the cleaning cloth, then snug it to the charging port to clean it.

3) Wipe out the entire charging port, redo a few times with different cleaning cloth until you make sure it’s totally clean from dust.

You may be surprise on how dirty your charging port is!

Try Charging again

Now after done cleaning the charging port, try charging your smartphone to see if your device now can charge or not.

In most cases, after cleaning charging port, the phone starts charging again.

If the device gets charged, then that’s good. You just save few bucks to hundreds dollars to get it fixed (read: to get the dust cleaned).

If the device still doesn’t get charged, then the problem may be bigger than just a dust, in this case, no choice but to go to repairmen or if you want to DIY, you can visit websites like iFixit to see if they have guides for symptoms like yours.

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