Running WordPress on AWS is so much cheaper and easier than your thoughts!

Well, I did it and now my WordPress website – is running nicely, smoothly and most-importantly cheaply on AWS. Not trying to be cheapskate here, but I get a VPS for half the price of (many) Shared Hostings on AWS.

With this post, I would like to make it clear all the myths that many people have on their heads. In case you have queries which I don’t include below, don’t hesitate to throw a comment or two down below on the comment section. I’ll be happily answering all of your queries.

Myth 1: AWS is expensive!

Well, the myth is a big wrong!

In particular to WordPress instance, AWS is damn cheap! At the time this article is written, starting at US$3.50 per month, you can get a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from AWS. In the future, AWS may provide us with even cheaper price than what you see today. If you compare, most of web hosting providers, they provide VPS service for at least 2-5 times price of AWS instance – both small companies and big guys.

At AWS, for $3.50 per month, you get 1 vCore, 512MB RAM, 20GB Disk Drive (SSD) and 1TB network transfer. The spec is more than enough for most of WordPress websites. Of course, for heavy traffic and heavy contents WordPress websites, you have the options to get better specs for still-reasonable price. The beauty on AWS is that you can start with the cheapest and lowest specs available and scale up when you need to without much hassles.

wordpress on aws lightsail price per month
WordPress on AWS Lightsail is as cheap as US$3.50 per month! You get a VPS for half price of shared-hosting!

The AWS product I’m talking about is this: Amazon Lightsail. Here’s the official link:

Myth 2: WordPress can’t be installed on AWS or even if that’s possible, that’s for Pro only.

This one too, the myth is wrong!

My WordPress website – this site is a WordPress-based website running on AWS. While I’m a computer-literate person, but I can tell you whoever with no prior knowledge of coding or scripting can do it too, since setting up WordPress on AWS is super easy. All you need to do, after signing up, create the WordPress instance, assign the public IP and voila you get your WordPress website up and running. The whole process even won’t take you more than 5 minutes and everything is done on a web browser – fully GUI. No command line, no typing syntaxes.

I’ll try to detail the steps on my future post – do wait for it!

Myth 3: There’s no CPanel on AWS.

This one is not a myth. Yes, there is no CPanel on AWS. But why would you even need CPanel for?

I was having the same thought previously before I fully moved to AWS. But hey, it’s been a month (at the time this article is written) and heck, I don’t miss CPanel at all!

Why you should consider make your move too.

For your information, I don’t get paid from AWS or anybody for sharing you all this thing. I am just a happy AWS customer that willing to share my experiences with AWS.

I was too comfortable with my Shared Hosting. Even I was paying it about 2 times the price of AWS Lightsail. My shared hosting cost me about US$6 per month.

It was because of the recent multiple performance issues I was getting from my Shared Hosting – and it’s not getting any better, in fact it was getting worse and worse – that prompt me to make a shift to AWS. As a result – before moving to AWS – while I was searching for a hosting replacement, my website was inaccessible for the whole day and about a month and not only I lost my income (from Google AdSense advertisements) but also my website rank and visitors. Now, since I made the move to AWS, my website is still recovering – trying to get back the rank and visitors (and income too!)

Android Speed Up Tips and Trick
WordPress on AWS is blazing fast! Image courtesy of

Don’t let the same thing happen to you. Though now you are probably like me last time, comfortably running your WordPress website on Shared Hosting, but the day may come to you where the hosting performance keeps getting worse and worse until one day your WordPress website is unable to be opened nor visited. I shared the story here in case you want to read it. Do consider to make the move and act now! AWS is cheaper, easy to scale up and world-class. Period.

Do you have anything you want me to cover on my next article? Write them down on the comment section down below.

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