Ride Hailing GoJek is finally arrived here in Singapore – Welcoming Grab Competitor and Grab Alternative – Registration Link inside

Finally another ride hailing competitor and alternative for Grab!

Ever since Uber left Singapore back on March 2018, people have little to no choice but to take Grab if they want to use ride hailing service to go from one place to another.

jilaxzone.com Uber Grab Taxi Car
Alternative to Grab is coming to town. Finally!

But that condition fortunately will soon change as Go-Jek, or known as GoJek is arriving in Singapore!

What or who is GOJEK?

In case you don’t know, GOJEK is ride-hailing platform born in Indonesia. Gojek name came from “ojek” which in Indonesia is nothing but motorcycle taxi. If you go to either Jakarta, Batam or Bali or any other places in Indonesia, for sure you can see “ojeker” – people who do ojek all over the place. It’s cheaper and faster option, considering the jam-packed Jakarta and other big city in Indonesia. However, you won’t see “ojek” in Singapore, since the company is bringing in its other services here: GOCAR – the car ride hailing and likely GOFOOD – the UberEats or GrabFood competitor.

Jam-packed Jakarta jilaxzone.com visit Jakarta
Jam-packed Jakarta in Bunderan HI. GoJek is a great alternative to travel around in considered to be one of the world most congested city. Image courtesy of Wonderful Indonesia – http://Indonesia.travel

GOJEK itself was all started only with motorcycle taxi, but then the company grown so big and since then they have added so many other services as part of the platforms – GOCAR and GOFOOD are two of them. There are still plenty other services that they are offering – such as GOMASSAGE for massage on demand and GOPAY – Gojek digital payment platforms.

What’s the benefit of having GOJEK in Singapore?

Well, I can tell it’s a win-win solution for both the consumer as well as the job-seeker. The moment Gojek starting their operation here, for sure both Grab and Gojek will try their best to be the best in service and price – they become competitive!

For consumer, being competitive means good. You can get better price and better services.

For job-seeker, you can get the better choice in case you don’t like the other company.

For Singapore itself, means bringing in more opportunities to grow the economy.


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If you interested to become GOJEK Driver, Here’s how to register for interest

gojek be a gojek driver jilaxzone.com
Register your interest as Gojek Driver today!

Go to this link: Join Gojek Singapore to register your interest as a driver. It will take not more than 5 minutes to complete the interest form.

These are the info you need to provide as a driver:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Singapore Contact Number
  • Email
  • Phone type: Android or iOS
  • PDVL
  • Your car info, whether it’s your own, rented one or no car at all

Once everything required above has been filled in, click on the Submit button.

You’ll get the notification either via SMS or email or both in the coming weeks.

If you are looking other positions at GOJEK

You can check here to JobStreet.com.sg or visit any job seeker websites. At the time this article is written, GOJEK is looking for Receptionist and Executive Administrator.

Bring It All Together

Hopefully by getting GoJek onboard to Singapore, not only it can create more jobs, more opportunities, but also makes the transportation become more and more competitive for the better Singapore.

Do give your thoughts and comments down below on the comment section. Cheers!


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2 thoughts on “Ride Hailing GoJek is finally arrived here in Singapore – Welcoming Grab Competitor and Grab Alternative – Registration Link inside

  • December 11, 2018 at 5:57 pm

    Hi i would like to enquire more about the benefits of becoming a Gojek driver. i would love to know more about the incentives and the process of becoming a driver for Gojek. Thank you.

    • December 12, 2018 at 10:25 pm

      Hi George,
      Thank you for your interest. I shall update this article once I get more info about it. Thanks.


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