iOS 12 Public Beta 10 is Out Now & It could be the iOS 12 GM We have been waiting for! Update & Install Yours today.

Yesterday the whole day, I’ve got this notification popping up at my iPhone, telling I should update to the new iOS 12. Turned out, there’s really a new iOS 12 update, it’s just Apple somehow has pushed the notification way too early before pushing the actual update yet.

And updating my iPhone to this iOS 12 Public Beta 10 seemed to cure yesterday annoying pop-up issue. So it’s recommended to anyone who also gets the pop-ups, to quickly update your iOS devices to the latest iOS 12.

Apple iOS 12 final version pop-up
I keep getting pop-up today. Is iOS 12 GM or Final Version coming soon?

iOS 12 Public Beta 10 – The copy of the GM aka Final Version?

Apple has announced iPhone event earlier this week. It’s going to happen on 12th September 2018 10.00 am PST at Steve Jobs Theater, Apple Park Campus.

Apple iPhone event 2018
Apple iPhone event 2018 logo

While it’s still 12 days away, but this iOS 12 Public Beta 10 could be the last iOS 12 Public Beta which means this could be the final version or GM – Gold Master version of iOS 12. Don’t you think so? Well, I think so.

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Are you not in iOS 12 yet? Install now for FREE.

install iOS 12 Beta download link
Get yourself ready to install iOS 12 – Image courtesy of

At the time this article is written, iOS 12 is still Public Beta status, however to me so far it’s buttery smooth. If you want to be the early adopter, you can follow the steps mentioned here to install iOS 12 early on your iOS devices.

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