Graykey and How to Prevent Your iPhone from Getting Unlocked and Hacked – Take Action Now!

The past few days, netizen who owned and used iPhone has been worried by new finding: a box, called Graykey, which able to unlock passcode-protected and encrypted iPhone and access all data inside that iPhone. Read the article by 9to5Mac here. The most worrying part is that, the box able to unlock Apple latest iPhone – the iPhone X – and the box able to work while the iPhone is offline. And what make it worst is that media announced it to the public that such box does exist.
Graykey iPhone Unlocker
“Graykey” box to unlock your iPhone – Image courtesy of
It’s just a matter of time until someone irresponsible, some irresponsible parties, or some irresponsible organizations able to get their hands on such box and/or even manage to reverse-engineered the box and/or create on their own.

Take Action: Secure Your iPhone Now!

iOS 11 iPhone hacked
iOS 11 on every iPhone and iOS devices are potentially at risk of getting HACKED
Not sure if you should worry about this, but in case you really value what’s inside your iPhone: your data, your pictures, videos, or whatever that is, you should consider doing this: change your passcode to alphanumeric passcode.

But Why Alphanumeric Passcode?

iOS Alphanumeric passcode can contains combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation letters such as question mark, exclamation mark, colon, semicolon (and many others) which make a good strong harder-to-break passcode combination.


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The Graykey box is using some sort of brute force method to unlock the iPhone after uploading its program to the iPhone. While changing your passcode to alphanumeric passcode won’t entirely save you and your iPhone and all data inside from getting hacked and unlocked, but it will – for sure – make it harder to break – give enough time toApple and team to patch their iOS and to create future more-secure iPhone and to give enough time to yourself to report/act on such cases in case your iPhone is lost or stolen and afraid your data hacked.
iOS iPhone Security Custom Alphanumeric Passcode
Custom Alphanumeric Passcode is adding layer of security to your iPhone

Here’s how to change iPhone Passcode to Custom Alphanumeric:

a. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode

b. Find Change Passcode

c. Key in your existing passcode

d. Tap on Passcode Options and select Custom Alphanumeric Code

e. Type in the new passcode and confirm it

A strong alphanumeric code consists of the following:

– At least 1 capital letter (upper case A – Z)
– At least 1 small letter (lower case a – z)
– At least 1 numeric letter (0 – 9)
– At least 1 special character (can be ?!@#$%^)
– Minimum is 7 character long
– Does not include your name on it
– Does not easily pronounce as word

What Else You Can Do?

Making sure you keep your device safe and does not fall into wrong hands is number one priority. For other tips and tricks you can do to secure your iPhone and its data, do check my article which I wrote few weeks back in regards to securing iPhone, take a look at them here.


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