iPhone XR: Specs, Pros and Cons Features Comparisons Summarized! – Which color are you getting?

The past few days there have been quite many readings and reviews praising iPhone XR, predicting that this iPhone is going to break another records for Apple – as various analysts told. If you missed that, you probably want to google around and see them – before really deciding if you are getting the iPhone XR or not.

iPhone XR Specs

To those would like to get the new A12 processor but doesn’t want to fork so much money out from your pocket. Find out what is “R” in iPhone XR here.

  • Display: 6.1 inch Liquid Retina, LCD, 326 ppi
  • Available color: Product Red, Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Coral (Orange)
  • Back camera: 12 MP back camera
  • Front camera: 7 MP true depth front camera
  • Authentication: Advanced Face ID
  • Processor: A12 Bionic
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Water Resistance: Yes, IP67
  • Wireless Charging: Yes
  • 3D Touch: No, replaced with Haptic Touch
  • Weight: 6.84 ounces (194 grams)
iphone xs price expensive jilaxzone.com
All iPhone available for sale through mid 2018 – mid 2019: Prices for The new iPhone XS, iPhone XS, Max, the new iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7

iPhone XR Price

  • 64GB: $749
  • 128GB: $799
  • 256GB: $899
  • 512GB: NA

Prices shown are in USD.

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What’s missing from iPhone XR that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have?

Given the price differences between iPhone XR and its two siblings: iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the common question comes from one’s mind is, “what’s missing from iPhone XR so that it can be sold cheaper?”.

2018 iPhone XS iPhone XS MAX iPhone X SE jilaxzone.com
iPhone XR compared to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max- Image courtesy of BGR.com

So here, I list down based on the importance factors.

1) The most noticeable is the missing of dual camera. iPhone XR has only one single camera on the back.

2) Less RAM. iPhone XR has 3GB of RAM only just like iPhone X, while iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have 4GB RAM.

3) The screen is not OLED but LCD screen with Liquid Retina display. For daily usage it’s barely noticeable.

4) iPhone XR doesn’t have 3D Touch but it does have haptic feedback.

5) Sorry but iPhone XR doesn’t have the 512GB storage option.

So is iPhone XR worthy to get?

Though iPhone XR are lacking quite a few things as seen on the list above but doesn’t meant it’s not a great iPhone. Here’s the good things about iPhone XR.

Apple A12 AI Processor jilaxzone.com
iPhone XR comes with Apple A12 Processor – The same processor used in iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Image courtesy of wccftech.com

1) iPhone XR use the same A12 processor just like iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

2) iPhone XR has Portrait mode and the new mode to adjust depth for portrait photos (just like what you see on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max) despite iPhone XR only comes with one single lens on the back.

3) iPhone XR has the same front camera as iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

4) iPhone XR has the same advanced Face ID, just like iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Face ID.

5) iPhone XR is colorful! and not boring.

iPhone XR, like Apple said, it's brilliant. In every way. jilaxzone.com
iPhone XR, like Apple said, it’s brilliant. In every way.

6) iPhone XR has bigger screen compared to iPhone XS.

7) iPhone XR is also waterproof, same standard like what you find on iPhone X.

8) iPhone XR also has wireless charging feature.

9) iPhone XR supports dual sim as well, just like iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Are you getting the iPhone XR?

With all the missing things and good things about iPhone XR, have you decided whether or not, you are getting the iPhone XR? If yes, which color are you getting? From the initial pre-order news, seemed yellow color is the hot picks.

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