Win Wordle easily: Tips how you can always win at Wordle

Wordle: A free word guessing game that took the world by storm.

Created by Josh Wardle, Wordle is a rather simple but totally fun puzzle game to play. Each day, you have to guess 1 word consisting of 5 characters and you have 6 attempts (chances) to win the game. It sure looks easy until you are on your third or fourth attempts, realizing you have a few attempts left before game over. If you are looking to retain your winning streaks and increase your chance to guess the Wordle correctly, here in this article, I’m giving tips how you can play Wordle and come out as winner each day.

In case you never played Wordle before, here’s the link to play the game: It’s a browser based puzzle game, so nothing needs to be downloaded nor installed, and instead you can play anywhere that has a browser: Computer, smartphones, game console and perhaps TV.

Here’s are tips how you can always win at Wordle

If you are looking to retain your winning streak, here are some tips. Do note, to some, this may spoil the fun of playing the games. The tips contains methods and hints to extract the commonly used words, making Wordle to be an easily guessed game. So do proceed only if you are ok to get your fun spoilt.

Tips 1) First attempt: Use as many vowels as possible on the first try.

Find a 5-character word that use as many different vowels as possible.

Hint: Try “audio”.

If you follow my hint, 4 vowels (‘a’, ‘i’, ‘u’, ‘o’) have been spelled out, together with 1 commonly used consonant (‘d’).

Tips 2) Second attempt: Use the remaining vowels you have not tried on the first try, together with the most used consonants.

Now use the remaining vowel(s) you have not used on your first try, pair with any commonly used consonants.

Hint: Try “rents”.

By the second attempt, if you follow my hints closely, in total all 5 vowels (‘a’, ‘i’, ‘u’, ‘e’, ‘o’) and 5 most commonly used consonants (‘d’, ‘n’, ‘r’, ‘s’, ‘t’) have been spelled out.

Tips 3) Third attempt: Use a word that contains all consonants that has not been mentioned on the previous steps and with no vowels.

With all the vowels have been spelled out on the first 2 attempts, now find a word that contains no vowels and other commonly used consonants.

Hint: Try “glyph”.

After the third attempt, all 5 vowels (‘a’, ‘i’, ‘u’, ‘e’, ‘o’) have been used and most commonly used consonants (‘d’, ‘g’, ‘h’, ‘l’, ‘n’, ‘p’, ‘r’, ‘s’, ‘t’, ‘y’) have also been spelled out. By right you should now be able to easily guess the wordle. However, in case you are still having difficulty guessing the word, then proceed to the next tip.

4) Fourth attempt: The last tip, use the remaining available& commonly consonants that have not been used on all the 3 attempts above & combine with the confirmed vowels.

Depends on the word to guess for the day, there were certain days, the word to guess is using multiple vowels, however there were days where only 1 vowel is used in the word. So in this fourth attempt, use the confirmed vowel(s), together with any commonly used consonants that have not been used on all 3 attempts.

Try “macks” if “a” is the confirmed vowel used in today’s wordle.
Try “micks” if “i” is the confirmed vowel used in today’s wordle.
Try “mucks” if “u” is the confirmed vowel used in today’s wordle.
Try “mecks” if “e” is the confirmed vowel used in today’s wordle.
Try “mocks” if “o” is the confirmed vowel used in today’s wordle.

You have 2 remaining chances to guess the wordle. If you follow all my 4 hints closely, some of the words have turned green and some are yellow. Then you have only a few remaining consonants left to guess the wordle correctly. Unless it’s a totally rare word, you should be able to guess the worlde easily.

Bring it all together

With all the 4 tips I mentioned above, I can assure you have higher chances (closer to 100%) of winning the game.

For my case, ever since I perfected the tips (mentioned above), I always win Wordle each day.

Have fun! Hopefully I don’t spoil your fun!

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