One Missing Basic Feature That Both Latest Android 9.0 Pie and iOS 12 Don’t Have and They Should Have It

Why nobody at Silicon Valley never think about this one basic feature?

There’s Android Digital Wellbeing, iOS Screen Time, Android Adaptive Battery using Machine Learning, iOS Augmented Reality which considered as advance features, and there’s pretty basic stuffs like widgets, notifications, multitasking, flashlight and other basic stuffs you met on both Android and iOS. But why nobody at Silicon Valley has ever figured this one missing basic feature out?

iOS12 Battery Level and Activity
A view of iOS 12 Battery Settings

The One Missing Basic Feature that both Android 9.0 Pie (and before) and iOS 12 (and before) do not have

It’s nothing else and nothing fancy but the ability to tell when the phone or tablet is fully charged. Simply by telling via repeated notification and/or sound an alarm, so the owner of the phone become aware that the phone is fully charged and he can disconnect from the charger.
Battery Fully Charged Alert is the Basic Missing Feature from any phones and tablets

As we all know, both Apple, Google and Samsung recently had come out with a very nice phones and OS-releases with plenty of great features inside them. That is the result of having the best engineers worked for them, but I’m just wondering why is it so hard for the product visionaries and best engineers in big company like Apple, Google and Samsung to figure this feature out.

Or is it just me who want such feature?

I did know that phone manufacturers have implemented certain IC (Integrated Circuit) inside the phone to prevent overcharging and to use trickle charge method when the battery is (almost) full. But (at least for me) that’s not enough. I would like to be alerted when the phone is fully charged. And I guessed that should be something basic and simple companies like Apple, Google, Samsung and other phone manufacturers can do. When the IC detect the phone is full, give signal to the OS to send alert/notification out, telling battery is full.


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The Benefits and Advantages of Having This One Missing Basic Feature

These are the advantages I can think of for having “Battery fully charged alert” inside our phone.

1) Your phone doesn’t need to keep getting overcharged, decreasing the chance of having the phone protection chip blown up. Though phone makers have put their best efforts to prevent phone getting blown due to overcharge, but if you try to google around, you can still find someone was complaining their phones are no longer working the next day due to leave them charging overnight.

2) Decreasing the chance of having to replace battery earlier than expected. If you google and read around, though today’s battery and phone have come out with protection chip and do not have lazy battery effect anymore, but leaving phone overcharged is really reducing the capacity much sooner than expected.

3) Be considerate to mother Earth. By getting the “Battery Fully Charged alert” and disconnecting the phone from the charger, means there is zero electricity being consumed or wasted. I know charging one phone is only consuming small amount of electricity, but if you multiply by number of people in this world using and charging their phone, you’ll get pretty big figures there for sure. If less people doing overcharging their phone, less electricity wasted, less fossil fuel needed to generate electricity = better environment = better life.

Do you have some other benefits and advantages I haven’t mentioned?

The Workaround for this One Missing Basic Feature

Luckily there’s a simple workaround to cover this one missing basic feature: to create the alert yourself using the alarm feature available on both Android OS and iOS.

Yes, we won’t know when the phone’s battery is going to be fully charged, but we can estimate roughly when it’s going to be fully charged, say in 1 hour or 2 hours. So set the alarm to ring in the next 2 hours. Once the alarm ring, check the phone to see if the battery is fully charged and if it is, unplug from the charger. If it’s not fully charged yet, set another alarm to remind you.

In case you need to know more, you can check it here.

Bring It All Together

Hopefully it wasn’t just me who wants this “Battery fully charged alert” feature installed on the phone. Seeing the benefit and advantages above, I’m hoping there’s good engineers who see my article here and come out with the feature soon in the coming future.

What else do you think it’s basic features but still missing from both Android OS and iOS?

Do give your comments or thoughts down below on the comment section. Cheers!

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