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If you love reading books and especially like to borrow books from nearby library and stay in Punggol, you must be wondering whether or not Punggol has library.

Fun fact check.

Before reading this article, do you know if Punggol has its own library?

For the record, to those who say Punggol doesn’t have library, you are totally wrong.

While checking on Singapore National Library official website (here) will give recommendation for you to go to Sengkang National Library, but for your information, as one of the youngest estate in Singapore, Punggol does have library. Though it may not be as per what you would expect from a library is.

Location of Punggol Library.

Punggol Library is located at 211A Punggol Walk, Singapore 821211.

Here’s Punggol Library on Google Maps.

If you are planning to pay a visit to the location, don’t be surprised on your finding. Punggol National Library unfortunately is not in form of building but rather a container. Shipping container to be exact. It’s obviously a temporary library – at least until sometime.

Punggol West Container Library jilaxzone.com
Our Punggol West Container Library. Have you pay a visit?

And due to its size, Punggol National Library collections and selections are pretty much limited.

There is this plan to build what they called as Punggol Town Hub.

And as part of Punggol Town Hub, a full-fledged library will be erected, with estimation to be completed on year 2021. Hopefully it will truly materialized by 2021 or even earlier since Punggol is really in need to have its own library, given the fact that there are so many kids and youngsters (these 2 especially) and adults in Punggol who crave to consume all those literacies.

And if I am allowed to choose, the best place for Punggol National Library would be in front of Punggol MRT since there’s still an empty space there.

Punggol Library Alternatives

While hoping and waiting for the plan building full-fledged library at Punggol to materialize and the container library is not enough for you, you can go to the following alternatives.

If you are looking for the closest alternative: Sengkang

Sengkang Public Library is located at 1 Sengkang Square, Sengkang Compass One Mall, Singapore 545078, on 3rd and 4th floor of the mall.

Here’s Sengkang Public Library location on Google Maps.

From Punggol, you can take Purple Line MRT and alight at Sengkang MRT, ride a bike or take bus service 43 to Sengkang Compass One Mall.

If you are looking for the best while still nearby Punggol: Tampines

While Sengkang Public Library is the closest one, however it’s not as big and as good as Tampines. If you are willing to go down further, Tampines is the best choice for you. It has plenty of collections of books, magazines and audiovisuals plus the place is cozy and has plenty of seating.

Tampines Regional Library is located at 1 Tampines Walk, Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528523, on 2nd floor onward.

Here’s Tampines Regional Library location on Google Maps.

From Punggol Bus Interchange, you can take bus service 34 and alight at opposite of Our Tampines Hub.

If you are lazy enough to travel out from Punggol: Singapore NLB App

Do you know that most the books, magazines, and most contents you can find on a physical library, you can also find the same on Singapore NLB App?

In case you don’t know, well, Singapore National Library has their own mobile app, called NLB Mobile. With your library account, you can borrow any e-collections without going anywhere and just from your fingertips.

Read here for more details.

Bring it all together

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let you crave for reading to be wasted just because Punggol doesn’t have yet a proper full-fledged library.

If the container library at Punggol is not enough for you, you can always head to the alternatives.

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