Is Litecoin the next big thing after Bitcoin?

While everybody is talking about Bitcoin, there’s another altcoin that is rising and appreciating up around 240-255% from just last week, and that’s is Litecoin.

Litecoin the next big thing Coinbase Chart
Litecoin – Is it the next big thing? Chart taken from

Litecoin is another fork of Bitcoin

Little to everyone knowledge, this cryptocurrency who was made by ex-Google employee, is apparently another fork of Bitcoin. Aim to process each block 400% faster than Bitcoin (Litecoin is 2.5 minutes while Bitcoin is 10 minutes), Litecoin is one of the altcoin which sits on Top 5 of Cryptocurrency coins at (at the time this article is written, Litecoin sits on position #4 on the chart).
Litecoin the next big thing
Litecoin: It sits on position #4 in terms of Market Capitalizations

Litecoin today

Litecoin price used to be stable, between July 2017 till October 2017, it stayed on the range of US$40-50-ish. However, coming November 2017, it started to climb, but still the increase price is quite stable until it hit December 2017 when suddenly the price of Litecoin suddenly soared to US$300-ish today. The past week (week of 7th December to 13th December 2017), Litecoin price has increased 255%!

#1 Reason why Litecoin price increase

While I’m far from being an expert in Litecoin or other Cryptocurrency matters, but from my own observation, the #1 reason why Litecoin price increase sharply is because that’s one of the less-expensive Cryptocurrency coin that is available on the Coinbase platform (if you are following the news, Coinbase app become the top most downloaded app on iOS platform) where anyone with access to Coinbase platform can easily buy Litecoin – especially after they gained so much from selling their Bitcoin off – like me (I did sell my small amount of Bitcoin and decided to buy Litecoin for the time being while waiting for Bitcoin price to be stable – find the post here).
Apart from Coinbase, Litecoin is also available on other Cryptocurrency exchanges. Reason why I stated Coinbase above, mainly because the easiness of doing buy/sell transaction on the Coinbase platform, where you can buy just from your smartphone – here’s how to do it.

Disclaimer: This is not an invitation. This is also not a sponsored post. This article is just to show you how easy you can invest into Litecoin and other altcoins without the hassle and being a geek. In case you decide to invest, do at your own risk.

Under no circumstances will I be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever (including, without limitation, any direct or indirect damages for loss of profits, business interruption or loss of information) resulting or arising directly or indirectly from the use of this article and its contents.


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Should you buy Litecoin today?

Lucky for me, after I sold my (very small fraction of) Bitcoin and get 100% in return, I decided and managed to buy small fraction of Litecoin on 8th December 2017 when its price was around US$90-ish – in which today if I sell it off, I will gain even more than when I sold off my Bitcoin – I can gain 255% if I sell my Litecoin today.
Litecoin the next big thing Litecoin price increase
Litecoin: Within 1 week-time, Litecoin appreciating for more than 255% (it’s 337%)
Again, I am not expert on this, but in case you haven’t got any Litecoin with you, you may want to consider buying a small fraction of it so that you are in the game and joining the ride.
If the price goes up like Bitcoin today, well your small fraction will turn to fortune!
If the price goes down to nothing, well lesson learned for you and for me, but since it’s just a small fraction, it should not be matter that much.

Where to buy Litecoin easily?

Litecoin is available on Coinbase platform. In case you haven’t joined, do check my post here to start your Litecoin (or other Cryptocurrency journey – like Bitcoin).
And use my referral link below to get US$10 worth of Bitcoin.
If you sign up Coinbase using above referral link and either buy/sell in total US$100, both you and I will get US$10 worth of Bitcoin.

Mine Litecoin Yourself using Android

If you decide not to buy Litecoin but to mine yourself, I have made an article explaining how you can mine Litecoin with just using your Android device in detailed step by step here.


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