7 Most Useful Jailbreak Apps and Jailbreak Tweaks of All Time

It was like long time ago since my last iOS-jailbreaking activities in 2012, with the introduction of iOS 7 that time and subsequent improvements that Apple always brings to its iOS (now it’s iOS 10), I felt that I don’t need to jailbreak my Apple devices any longer, since most features that last time available only if you are jailbroken, now these features exist as iOS standard features.
However after 4 years (now almost at the end of 2016) I decided to (again) do the iOS-jailbreaking activities with reason being I still owned the last-time-Steve-Jobs-introduced-it as “This changes everything” device a.k.a the iPhone 4 and with today standard and compared to it’s younger sibling the iPhone 7, it was worth nothing other than a paper weight device. Not until I jailbroke the device and install the following 7 tweaks to make it comparable with its younger siblings.

Must Have Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks
These jailbreak apps and tweaks are not necessarily meant for iPhone 4 and/or older Apple devices only, newer devices such as iPhone 6 (and iPhone 7 when jailbreak available later) also can make use of the apps and tweaks to improve the user experiences.

Here are the seven most useful jailbreak apps and tweaks of all time:

1. Activator

 “Assistive Touch predecessor”
Repo BigBoss
URL http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia
Price FREE
Since the founding of jailbreaking methods and introduction of Cydia which was available as early as iPhoneOS 2.0, Activator is always one of the most useful jailbreak tweaks to install. Activator is also one of the reason why Apple introduced Assistive Touch starting iOS 6 onwards.
Jailbreak App: Activator
Activator, like its name, functions as an activator to any actions on your iOS devices. Few use-cases such as tap and hold the status bar to mimic the pressing Home button one time, double tap status bar to lock the screen, press volume button down and up to switch to next songs, and so much more.
This tweak is a must-have especially for iPhone owners with faulty Home Button and/or Power Button.

2. App Cake and AppSync Unified

“Alternative App Store”

Repo AppCake
URL http://cydia.iphonecake.com
Price FREE
One of the bad and good thing about Apple App Store is that they always try to update the apps and games to fully support the latest iOS and the latest Apple devices and they always try to maintain the App Store cleanliness so that user experience is always good. That’s good for those who owns and use Apple latest devices and iOS. But what about those who still make use of their old Apple devices and previous version of iOS? They are and will be left behind. Certain app, if you accidentally removed them, you may no longer able to re-install them. One of the real sample is YouTube. If you are using iOS 7 devices or before, you are out of luck if you are non-jailbroken and doesn’t have backup to be restored, because the moment you delete the YouTube app, you can no longer re-install it from the Apple App Store.
Jailbreak App: AppCake – Alternative App Store for iOS
Now with third party helps, you can have the second “App Store” which helps you to overcome such things like re-installing YouTube. The app store is called AppCake.
In order to install apps and games from AppCake, AppSync Unified is needed. Fortunately, both tweaks are available on the same repo.
Now with both tweaks: AppCake and AppSync Unified, you can install apps and games that are no longer available on Apple App Store.
Disclaimer: Please always respect the apps/games developers by only using software that you own/bought previously. I’m not in any way endorsing people, including you, to get paid software (apps/games) for FREE. The intention is to just share that there’s alternative way to install your old apps/games that is now no longer available on the App Store.

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3. Controllers For All

Repo ModMyi.com
URL http://apt.modmyi.com/
Price US$2.99
Admit it, Apple always strict to whatever connect to its devices, especially mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. Since the introduction of iOS 7, Apple has MFi (Made For iPhone) certification for game controller which basically certify only certain Bluetooth controllers that match with Apple criterias that only will work with iOS devices.
Jailbreak Tweak: Controllers For All – Use PS3/Xbox/Wii Controllers on your iPhone
Non-MFi certified controllers will mostly not work on all controller-supported iOS games. And that’s what Controllers For All is made for. With this jailbreak tweak, most Bluetooth Controller will now works on jailbroken iPhone. PS3, PS4, XBOX, Wii controllers are some controller that are supported by Controllers For All.
So if you play games, especially controller-supported games, this tweak is a must!

4. Emulators: NES, SNES, GBA, Genesis

Either you are feeling nostalgic or just wanting to have fun or running out of game to play, but installing emulators is a fun and great way to add thousands of game catalogs to your iPhone. Depends on your iPhone model whether it can run the following emulators or not, but there are NES, SNES, GBA, N64, NDS, Genesis, PlayStation 1, PSP, Arcade even DOS emulators available for iOS. Even some of the emulators are now available and can be installed without the need for jailbreaking your device.
To get GBA, NDS, Arcade, DOS, PSP without jailbreaking your device, you can get from the following website:
Website iEmulators
URL http://iemulators.com/
Price FREE
The catch of installing those emulators without jailbreak is that you need to do certain things such as switch back your date and time settings back to year 2014 to enable the emulator to start running; or to trust certain certificate from third party developers.
Jailbreak App: GBA4iOS – A GameBoy Advance Emulator for iOS
To download more stable and latest emulators, you can add the following repo (usually pre-install with Cydia):
Repo ZodTTD
URL http://cydia.zodttd.com/repo/cydia
Price Depends on emulators

5. Fake Carrier

“Build your own mobile network”

Repo BigBoss
URL http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia
Price FREE
Jailbreak Tweak: Fake Carrier – Impress Friends by showing your own your own Mobile Network company!
This tweak simply change your mobile network operators name to whatever names you like. When you show it to your family or friends, it’s like you just make your own mobile network company!

6. f.lux

“Night Shift predecessor”

Repo Cydia/Telesphoreo
URL http://apt.saurik.com
Price FREE
Long before Apple introduced Night Shift feature on iOS 9.3 and up, f.lux was the one coming with the idea to reduce blue light on iPhone for easier consumption during the night time.
Jailbreak Tweak: F.Lux – Night Shift Predecessor
F.lux uses your location to determine whether it’s day time or night time, and only during night time f.lux will auto-adjust your screen lumens to a lower setting and reduce the blue light of your iPhone screen.

7. NoSlowAnimations

“Get rid of the slowness”

Repo BigBoss
URL http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia
Price FREE
I don’t know whether Apple purposely make older device to run slower or not, but having iOS 7 on my old iPhone 4 is damn slow, especially with the default settings.
Jailbreak Tweak: NoSlowAnimatons – Reduce animation speed to 0
Together with reduced motion setting turned on and with this jailbreak tweak NoSlowAnimations, now my old iPhone 4 feels much better. It works for other iPhone model as well, so whenever you feel slow, install this tweak to reduce the lag on the iOS.


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