7 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Walking But You Are Doing It Daily

These are 7 things you really shouldn’t do while walking on public and open spaces but most likely, just like me, you are doing it right now and/or on your daily basis:

1. Texting

Although it looks like a simple task, texting while walking but actually it’s not. Most of the time people focus only to the texting device and not to the surrounding area, resulting minor to serious injuries, from bumping to other people to falling down to a hole and break the legs.

Things should not do while walking: Texting

2. Listening to Music with loud volume

Listening music with loud volume makes you “in” to the music, but it also makes your attention “out” from the road or pathway you are walking. The worst thing to happen is when you are crossing the junction, you may not be fully aware if something coming towards you. Try to lower the volume or completely stop listening to music while walking.

3. Opening Apps or Playing Games that requires your full attention

Either playing Super Mario Run, Clash Royale or reading this article on browser or on FlipBoard and many other apps and games that require your full attention to always look at the phone screen, is to be avoided while walking. Same thing like texting, you may bump to other people or end up falling to sewer or drainage.

Pokemon Go jilaxzone.com Pokemon craze in Singapore Sun Plaza Park Tampines
Things should not do while walking: Opening app or Playing Games that requires your full attention

4. Daydreaming

Stop daydreaming while walking and try to stay aware of the surrounding area. Easiest way to prevent daydreaming while walking is to move your head up, down, left and right in a slow and gentle way. Don’t do it the extreme way, otherwise people will start staring at you.

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5. Not looking and checking your left and right before start crossing

Although the pedestrian crossing traffic light has shown green, doesn’t mean the entire crossing pathway belongs to you. There are still so many reckless driver (combined with careless pedestrian) who either late to push the break or doesn’t care with the traffic light. Make sure to always look and check your left and right before start crossing.


Things Should Not Do While Walking jilaxzone.com crossing street
Things should not do while walking: not looking and checking your left and right before start crossing

6. Jaywalking

Most likely people do jaywalking is because the crossing is too far ahead or behind and choose to do jaywalking instead. In countries like Singapore, you may end up caught by the traffic officer and get scolded for doing so. If you really need to jaywalk, look to your left and right and to your surrounding, make sure no incoming traffic and no traffic officer nearby.

Things should not do while walking: Jaywalking

7. Walking not in the designated pedestrian walk

Certain time the pedestrian walk is full of people and because of they are either texting or playing games, they walk super slow while you are trying to reach your destination as soon as you can. You end up walking out of the designated pedestrian walk so that you can outpace them. Make sure to look forward, backward, left and right before really doing it, otherwise you may get hit by the nearby incoming traffic.
Things should not do while walking: Walking not in the designated pedestrian walk

Bonus: Receiving Phone Call and Talking emotionally

When you receive a phone call while walking, best for you is to stop walking and start talking. And only when you finish with the conversation, only then you continue walking. By talking (especially emotionally) while walking, people tend to become unaware of their surrounding. Even I saw before, people crossing the junction even though the pedestrian traffic light showed red.


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