The Best of The Best Game Consoles Emulator for Android – Play SEGA DreamCast, MegaDrive, Sony PSP, PlayStation1, Nintendo DS, N64, SNES, NES, and MAME Arcade- All in one place.

I have been very reluctant to share about this, since the topic itself – emulators, to be exact game console emulators – are considered grey area to many. One way, people who use the emulators are happy, while the consoles and game manufacturers and makers are not happy their intellectual properties are being used/abused for free. Recent breakdown was coming from Nintendo, just a few weeks back only. Nintendo was asking LoveROMs and Emuparadise to stop sharing any consoles ROMs hosted on the sites, not just Nintendo own ROMs. Read here the details.

But finally today I made up my mind and would like to let the world know the best consoles emulator for Android.

It’s called Happy Chick. Seriously.

The name is Happy Chick. Probably you laugh, but yes, I’m being serious here.

Happy Chick Probably The Best Game Console Emulators for Android
Happy Chick Probably The Best Game Console Emulators for Android. Don’t you think so?

For most of you, probably this is the first time you hear about it. If you have been in the emulator world for some time, especially for Android, you might have heard about PPSSPP, DraStic, ePSXe, SNES9X, Gensoid, MAME, and many more big known names – since most of them are porting from their PC counterparts. I have been using a few of them as well, until I found and knew about Happy Chick.

I can’t blame you for not knowing Happy Chick, since Happy Chick itself is not really emulator, it’s more like a game console emulators aggregator. And by saying aggregator, I mean it. Like RSS feed aggregator, aggregating all news feeds in one place, Happy Chick does the same thing but for console and arcade games.

Why Happy Chick?

I have been using Happy Chick myself for quite sometime, and I can’t be more happy than this. These are why you should consider Happy Chick.

Happy Chick List of Game Console Emulators supported
Happy Chick does support all these systems. Plenty aren’t they?
  • It’s a game consoles aggregator, everything is in one place.
  • One single install, Happy Chick will take care the rest of game consoles emulators installation.
  • Happy Chick supports: Sega DreamCast, MegaDrive (Genesis), Sony PlayStation 1 (PSX), PSP, Nintendo DS, N64, Super Nintendo (SNES), NES, GBA, GBC, GB, Arcade, MAME, PC Engine and few more.
  • No need to find BIOS for those supported emulators
  • Can search for game ROMs easily
  • Totally FREE!

Happy Chick Download Link

Due to the complications and grey area status for emulators, Happy Chick unfortunately is not available to be downloaded via Google Play Store.

Happy Chick Sega Dreamcast emulator
Playing Sega DreamCast portably on Android. Why not?

And while I’m happy to share the news to you, but I would really want to stay away from troubles. So use this link to help you getting the Happy Chick emulator yourselves. It’s a link to Google Search, returning results related to Happy Chick. Pick the correct one ya! Don’t download the wrong one.

Disclaimer: By installing Happy Chick, you are acknowledging that it’s not a Google Store apps, and you acknowledge that it may contains malicious code that can be harmful to your Android devices. Do install at your own risk. Do not hold me responsible for any data lost/devices damaged, anything.

You need to first download the APK to your Android device. Any Android devices running OS 4.0 or up should be able to install it. Once you have downloaded the APK, install it. In case you can’t, do check the following post here, to enable you to install the APK.

Let me know what you think about Happy Chick

So, emulators enthusiasts, have you tried Happy Chick yourself? If yes, what do you think? Do you agree with me that Happy Chick is the best of the best emulators ever built for Android?

Happy Chick Nintendo DS emulator for Android
Nintendo DS opening screen – on Android!

Do leave your comments and thoughts down below on the comment section. Cheers!

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One thought on “The Best of The Best Game Consoles Emulator for Android – Play SEGA DreamCast, MegaDrive, Sony PSP, PlayStation1, Nintendo DS, N64, SNES, NES, and MAME Arcade- All in one place.

  • January 10, 2019 at 2:54 pm

    First off, thanks to all of you for working hard on this project! I hope that soon the homebrew community will be able to see it come to fruition. (P.S. Whether it takes another year or more, ill still wait patiently for this.) I will consider a donation once a better working build is released. Keep up the good work
    Regards: eve hunt


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