JILAXZONE.com by the numbers and statistics for Year 2017

Today is the last day of 2017 and it’s time for me to publish my website numbers and statistics just for my record purpose and for your references – which hopefully does help you in any cases possible.

If this is your first time visiting and knowing JILAXZONE.com, well thank you for coming by. In short JILAXZONE.com aim to share amazing experience to everyone – so everybody gets the benefit out of it. More on that here.

✅ 2017 Summary for JILAXZONE.com

To me personally, the idea of publishing all these numbers is a ​way  for me to know and to track all these information so that I have all the records which I can see someday on the future.

To know: where are the areas I’m good at and I’m lacking at – so that I can upgrade the good things to be great, while the lacking things to be much better.
To track: so that I have the measurements that I can keep track to do and perform much better in the coming years.
So far to this date, number of years JILAXZONE.com is up and running: 1 year 5+ months.
For easier reading, I shall split into big 3 categories: Money related numbers and statistics, Article related and Visitors related.

✅ Money Related Numbers and Statistics

JILAXZONE.com Website Worth: $771

Data is according to siteprice.org as of 23rd December 2017. To get current JILAXZONE.com valulation do check here.
Well it’s consider a small amount for a website, especially if you compare to other big names websites. But definetely to me it’s worth something. My website estimated price keeps increasing in dollar amount which means a good sign.
jilaxzone.com website worth $771 in 2017
JILAXZONE.com: Website estimated worth as of 23rd December 2017

JILAXZONE.com Direct Revenue: $0.

Direct revenue means directly from JILAXZONE.com website. It’s $0 in total because JILAXZONE.com currently doesn’t show ads on its website nor accept donations nor payments in any forms.

JILAXZONE.com Indirect Revenue: estimated $100.

Indirect revenue means revenue getting from JILAXZONE.com byproduct or post.
$50 comes from UberEats members sign-up.
$50 comes from Medium.com for posting JILAXZONE.com articles on their member-only section.

JILAXZONE.com Website cost: $71

Domain cost: $11.86 NameCheap.com
Hosting cost: $59.14 HostGator.sg

JILAXZONE.com Profit and Loss

Although it was never my intention to counting or calculating profit and loss, but since I have the data and looking at the number of income (revenue) vs outcome (cost), JILAXZONE.com is still considered profitable.
Income: estimated $100
Outcome: $71
Total Profit and Loss: +$29

✅ Articles Related Numbers and Statistics

Articles created and published on JILAXZONE.com: 199 posts

Total articles published to date is 199 articles including this one.
68 post from 2016.
131 post from 2017.

Total categories available to-date on JILAXZONE.com: 23 categories

Out of which 10 categories are newly added on 2017.
Here they are, categories currently available in JILAXZONE.com:
  • Android
  • Android Free App
  • Android Free Game
  • Android News
  • Automation
  • Cryptocurrency –> added this year
  • How-To –> added this year
  • iOS
  • iOS Free App
  • iOS Free Game
  • iOS Know-How –> added this year
  • iOS News –> added this year
  • Jailbreak Jailbroken –> added this year
  • Life
  • Poll –> added this year
  • Positive Cash Flow –> added this year
  • Tech
  • The 7
  • Travelicious –> added this year
  • Traveling
  • Uncategorized
  • Yummylicious –> added this year
  • Zero $$ App –> added this year


Find other awesome articles, tips, tricks related to Life and Tech, iOS & Android quick review on:



Most topics covered on JILAXZONE.com: Tech related to iOS

Total articles covered under Tech are 140 articles.
Total articles covered under iOS are 127 articles.
More details below.

Least topic covered on JILAXZONE.com: Automation, Foods (Yummylicious category)

Total article covered under Automation is 1 article.
Total article covered under Yummylicious is 1 article.
More details below.

Top 7 Performing Categories on JILAXZONE.com

  1. Tech – 140 articles
  2. iOS – 127 articles
  3. iOS News – 90 articles
  4. Life – 73 articles
  5. Android and How-To – both 42 articles
  6. iOS Know-How – 38 articles
  7. iOS free app – 25 articles

Bottom 7 Nonperforming Categories on JILAXZONE.com

  1. Traveling – 15 articles
  2. Zero $$ App – 13 articles
  3. Android free game and iOS free game – both 10 articles
  4. Poll and Travelicious – both 6 articles
  5. Cryptocurrency – 3 articles
  6. Jailbreak Jailbroken – 2 articles
  7. Automation and Yummylicious- both 1 article

JILAXZONE.com Most productive month for 2017: December 2017

Total post to-date is 23 articles (this post is included).

JILAXZONE.com Most unproductive month for 2017: April 2017

In total only 4 articles published. It was due to holiday/my 9-6 work commitment.

JILAXZONE.com Most productive days in 2017: 30 Dec 2017

Total 4 published articles.

JILAXZONE.com Most unproductive days in 2017: plenty of days where I didn’t post a single article.

Total contributors on JILAXZONE.com: 2

Jonathan Jilaxzone: published 199 articles (including this one)
Mrs. Jilaxzone: published 1 article

✅ Visitors Related Numbers and Statistics

Total unique visitors to-date visiting JILAXZONE.com: 72,679 visitors

The total is sum from monthly unique visitors.
jilaxzone.com number of unique visitors 2017
JILAXZONE.com: Number of unique visitors

Top performing month with most visitors on JILAXZONE.com: December 2017

Least performing month with less visitors on JILAXZONE.com: January 2017

Top 7 Countries with Most Hits visiting JILAXZONE.com

  1. US – 708k hits
  2. Singapore – 419 hits
  3. Canada – 58k hits
  4. China – 44k hits
  5. Australia – 42k hits
  6. France – 42k hits
  7. Russia – 37k hits
jilaxzone.com number countries visiting 2017
JILAXZONE.com: List of countries visiting the site

Top 7 Most visited pages on JILAXZONE.com

  1. https://jilaxzone.com/2016/08/26/7-free-and-must-have-apps-for-your-smartphone-that-millennials-use-daily/ -21.8k views
  2. https://jilaxzone.com/2016/12/29/7-most-useful-jailbreak-apps-and-jailbreak-tweaks-of-all-time/ – 20.5k views
  3. https://jilaxzone.com/2017/03/16/how-to-become-ubereats-driver-in-singapore/ – 4.9k views
  4. https://jilaxzone.com/2017/06/06/ubereats-boost-a-new-way-to-boost-your-ubereats-income/ – 3.1k views
  5. https://jilaxzone.com/2017/11/07/healthy-365-national-steps-challenge-season-3-singapore-is-here-all-citizens-prs-and-all-passes-please-join-getting-healthy-is-never-this-rewarding/ – 2.2k views
  6. https://jilaxzone.com/2017/02/17/free-game-paper-io-conquer-the-square-and-dont-die-young-simple-yet-fun-and-addictive-game/ – 2.1k views
  7. https://jilaxzone.com/2017/10/02/cryptocurrency-bitcoin-and-altcoins-mobile-mining-using-android-is-it-possible-heres-how-to-do-it/ – 1.9k views

Top 7 visits duration timing on JILAXZONE.com

  1. 0s – 30s: 98.5k visits
  2. 30s – 2mn: 2.9k visits
  3. 2mn – 5mn: 1.8k visits
  4. 5mn – 15mn: 2.4k visits
  5. 15mn – 30mn: 2.1k visits
  6. 30mn – 1h: 3.1k visits
  7. 1h+: 2.6k visits
jilaxzone.com visit durations 2017
JILAXZONE.com: Visit durations – on average each visitors spend 215s (3.6 minutes)

Top 7 Operating System visiting JILAXZONE.com

  1. Windows – 320.4k pages visited
  2. Mac OS – 46.5k pages visited
  3. iOS – 32.3k pages visited
  4. Linux – 30.2k pages visited (Android included here)
  5. Unknown – 26.7k pages visited
  6. Unknown Unix System – 443 pages visited
  7. Java – 170 pages visited
jilaxzone.com most operating system visiting 2017
JILAXZONE.com: Operating Systems accessing the site –
Windows leading the Operating System by 37.1%

Top 7 browsers used to access JILAXZONE.com

  1. Firefox – 172.7k pages visited
  2. Google Chrome – 116.9k pages visited
  3. Internet Explorer – 58.1k pages visited
  4. Opera – 38k pages visited
  5. Safari – 28.1k pages visited
  6. Unknown – 24.1k pages visited
  7. iPhone – 7.6k pages visited
jilaxzone.com most browser visiting 2017
JILAXZONE.com: Browsers accessing the site –
Firefox leading the Browsers by 37.8%

Top 7 Most performing links from search engine and back-links connecting to JILAXZONE.com

  1. Google – 61.9k hits
  2. Bing – 10.1k hits
  3. Flipboard – 2.6k hits
  4. Facebook – 2k hits
  5. Yahoo – 1.2k hits
  6. DuckDuckGo – 529 hits
  7. Yandex – 279 hits

✅ Bring it all together

All in all, everything looks in good progress. Aiming to do even better next year.
FYI. ​I started my writing journey as early as 2006 when I was 19 years old. The proof I started at 2006 can be found here on my first ever blog: jilaxzone.blogspot.com though I can’t seem to find any post published on 2006 – it could be I deleted already or I just registered without publishing/writing anything.

Anyway, fast forward to 7/7/2016 – the date JILAXZONE.com is founded- that was when I decided to get serious about blogging, started by owning a self-hosted website that costs me real money.

See you again hopefully next year.
All dollar amounts stated on this post are in USD.
Statistics are retrieved from JILAXZONE.com own CPanel’s AWStats and siteprice.org.

For Life & Tech tips, iOS & Android Apps and Games quick review, do visit below:


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