Safari on iOS 12.2 and up showing “Not Secure” websites

Following the path of Google Chrome, Apple makes its mobile Safari on iOS 12.2 and up to show and give

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How to search text on Browser Safari on iOS 12 | Works too for other iOS version

Mobile contents these days are not much different from its desktop counterpart. Many of them today are showing the same

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Beware! iOS 12 is storing your password in plain text! Here’s what you should do.

First of all, don’t panic. And don’t be alarmed yet. I would like to raise awareness to you so that

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Calling iOS 12 & iPhone XS Max Users: Typing Comfortably with just One Hand. It’s totally possible with this simple hack!

Like it or not, iPhone is like human. It grows every now and then. iPhone was born with 3.5 inch

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One Missing Basic Feature That Both Latest Android 9.0 Pie and iOS 12 Don’t Have and They Should Have It

Why nobody at Silicon Valley never think about this one basic feature? There’s Android Digital Wellbeing, iOS Screen Time, Android

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iPhone Kids Mode – Parents with iPad & iPhone upgrade to iOS 12 ASAP! And Take Advantages of these iOS 12 New Features (Hint: Screen Time & Downtime)

To start taking control (in a good way) of your children’s time in front of them (iPad and iPhone). If

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It’s around 48 hours – But Here’s how to get update to iOS 12 Final ahead of everyone else.

During Apple Special Event held in Apple Park Campus on 12th September 2018 ago, Apple said iOS 12 will be

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