It’s around 48 hours – But Here’s how to get update to iOS 12 Final ahead of everyone else.

During Apple Special Event held in Apple Park Campus on 12th September 2018 ago, Apple said iOS 12 will be officially released on 17th September 2018. It’s still 48 hours or less from when this article is written.

iOS 12 final GM how to install before everyone else
Install iOS 12 Final (Golden Master aka GM) ahead, before everyone else!

However as it turns out and I found out, iOS 12 Final aka iOS 12 GM (Golden Master) is coming a little bit earlier. In fact I have installed it on my iPhone 7 Plus. See below screenshot.

iOS 12 final GM version 16A366
I have installed iOS 12 Final (Golden Master aka GM) since 15th September 2018 morning on my iPhone 7 Plus

Today 15th September 2018 morning, my iPhone got an update, asking me to install the iOS 12. FYI, I’ve been subscribing and become part of Apple iOS 12 Public Beta tester (which you can get it also for FREE here), but unlike any iOS 12 updates before this, the updates always have “Public Beta xx” tagging on it – where xx is the version number such as version 1, 2, 10. Today’s update, however, doesn’t have “Public Beta” tagging on it anymore. So it’s must be the Final Version of iOS 12 which Apple going to distribute on coming Monday 17th September 2018.

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Here’s how you can get iOS 12 Final as well ahead of everyone else

Avoid the crowds and install it now.

On 17th September 2018, when everybody’s wake up and find out they can install, Apple server – though powerful – for sure will have impacts to your downloading time, so better to avoid the crowds. Install iOS 12 final either after 17th September 2018 or before it.

And if you are reading this before 17th September 2018 and cannot hold anymore to experience iOS 12 yourself, here’s how you can get it ahead of everyone else.

In summary, 3 things you need to do.

0) Make sure your iPhone or iOS device is compatible with iOS 12.

These are iOS devices compatible with iOS 12. Is your device one of them?

iOS 12 compatibility list
iOS Devices compatible with iOS 12 – The Official List – Image courtesy of

1) Register and become part of iOS 12 Public Beta tester. It’s totally FREE and official from Apple. Follow the steps here. If you are iOS public beta tester already, skip this step and continue to the next one.

2) Once you have successfully registered as Apple iOS 12 Public Beta tester, make sure you have also installed the Public Beta profile, in case you missed it, use this link to get to the iOS 12 Public Beta profile download page. Open the link directly from your iPhone or iOS device.

3) Once iOS 12 Public Beta profile is installed, on your iPhone or iOS device, go to Settings then General then Software Update. You should see iOS 12 there. In case you can’t see it, try to restart your iPhone. Once restarted, you should see the iOS 12 there. In case what you see there is iOS 12 Public Beta, do install it first and let the installation finish, then redo this step #3 to install the iOS 12 Final.

iOS 12 final GM size for my iphone
For iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 12 Final occupy 2.7 GB of space. Make sure you have enough free space with you. 3-4GB of free space should be more than good

All the 3 steps, depends on your internet connectivity, should not take more than 15-20 minutes to be done – inclusive of  registering as public beta tester, download and installing the iOS 12.

Enjoy iOS 12 Final ahead of everyone else!

In case you would like to know the tips, tricks, features around the new iOS 12, do head to this link as I got bunch of articles showing off iOS 12 new features, tips and tricks.

iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts check AAPL price
Siri Shortcuts on iOS 12: Tap the “Red button” to start recording your Siri Shortcuts

Unfortunately, one of the most awaited iOS 12 feature: Siri Shortcuts – is not there yet on the iOS 12 Final I have installed. Not sure why, but in case you can’t wait to use it, follow the steps here how you can use Siri Shortcuts even without the Shortcut app.


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