Best multiplayer Arcade Beat ‘Em Up games you should play

Beat ’em up games from various famous Arcade systems, such as CPS, Konami, Neo Geo AES & MVS, Sega Mega-Tech & System 16 to lesser known systems, such as Irem, Deco and more. All are here.

Back in its heyday, before console games become powerful like today and before online gaming become the new normal, people are flocking and sometimes queuing to Arcade to play great quality games together. One of the best genre in Arcade is Beat ‘Em Up games – where for so many titles there’s just one mission: beat ’em up all.

Let me bring you back to the memories lane of 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. For younger generations, though you may not know this game originally, but I can assure you a stress-free-so-much-fun list of games!

I want to play, where to get them?

Before moving into the list of games, in case you are interested, here are ways to play these Arcade games today, be it on Nintendo Switch, PS4, the stand-alone Pandora Arcade console or MAME!

Arcade Pandora game console:

This is like having an Arcade cabinet at home. Plug the console to your HD TV and play the Arcade games. The console comes with plenty of games built-in.

In case you can’t see the Amazon link above, here’s the alternative link: Arcade Pandora game console.

Arcade Stick:

This Arcade stick is perfect companion for playing Arcade games, it compatibles with today’s game consoles: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In case you can’t see the Amazon link above, here’s the alternative link: Arcade stick.

Capcom Belt Action Collection

This is Capcom Beat ’em up bundle, available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch:

In case you can’t see the Amazon link above, here’s the alternative link: Capcom Beat ‘Em Up (Nintendo Switch).


In case you can’t see the Amazon link above, here’s the alternative link: Capcom Beat ‘Em Up (PS4).

SNK: 40th Anniversary Collections

This is Arcade collections from SNK.

Nintendo Switch:

In case you can’t see the Amazon link above, here’s the alternative link: SNK 40th Anniversary Collections (Nintendo Switch).


In case you can’t see the Amazon link above, here’s the alternative link: SNK 40th Anniversary Collections (PS4).

MAME: Multiple Arcade Machines Emulator

download mame android ios pc mac linux
Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator or in short, MAME. Image courtesy of Nicola Salmoria and the MAME Team

Last but not least, there’s an emulator that runs on most of Arcade games, called as M.A.M.E – Multiple Arcade Machines Emulator, it’s widely available on most of platforms with only caveat is you have to configure and find the games ROMS yourself.

Android: MAME on Google Play Store.

iOS: MAME download link. MAME is not officially available on Apple App Store, use sideload method to install MAME on iOS device. Detail sideload method here.

Linux: MAME download link.

MacOS: MAME download link.

PC: MAME download link.

Note: If you buy anything from Amazon using links above, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost charged on your purchases.

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Best multiplayer Arcade Beat ‘Em Up games

These are curated list – games I have played myself before in various ways: on the original Arcade hardware, through anniversaries releases in modern consoles or through emulations.

Do note, the list here may gets updated in the future as I recall more and more great games I played in the past. In case you have only limited time to play all of these games, do check on my recommendation tag below where I tagged recommended games to play with [Recommended]. But that doesn’t mean games I don’t tag as [Recommended] is not good, they are all indeed a great games.

Games listed here are sorted alphabetically for easier reading.

Armored Warriors by Capcom (3 Players Co-op)

Battle Circuit by Capcom (3 Players Co-op)

Burning Fight by SNK (2 Players Co-op)

Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs by Capcom (3 Players Co-op)

[Recommended] game to play.

Captain America and The Avengers by Data East (4 Players Co-op)

Captain Commando by Capcom (4 Players Co-op)

This is [Recommended] game to play.

Crime Fighters by Konami (4 Players Co-op)

Crude Buster by Data East (2 Players Co-op)

Dynasty Wars by Capcom (2 Players Co-op)

This game is predecessor to Dynasty Warriors series.

Final Fight by Capcom (3 Players Co-op)

[Recommended] game to play.

Final Fight 2 by Capcom (2 Players Co-op)

I don’t think this is an original Arcade game, it’s more like a SNES game ported into Arcade, but it’s still fun to play.

Gaia Crusaders by Noise Factory (2 Players Co-op)

Ganryu | Mushashi Ganryuki by Visco (2 Players Co-op)

Gun Force by Irem (2 Players Co-op)

Gun Force 2 by Irem (2 Players Co-op)

Knights of the round by Capcom (3 Players Co-op)

[Recommended] game to play.

Knights of Valour by PGM (2 Players Co-op)

Knights of Valour 2 by PGM (2 Players Co-op)

Knuckle Bash by Toaplan (2 Players Co-op)

Knuckle Bash 2 by Toaplan (2 Players Co-op)

Ninja Combat by Alpha Densi (2 Players Co-op)

SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki by Banpresto (2 Players Co-op)

Sengoku by SNK (2 Players Co-op)

Sengoku 2 by SNK (2 Players Co-op)

Sengoku 3 by SNK (2 Players Co-op)

[Recommended] game to play.

Shock Troopers by Saurus (2 Players Co-op)

Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad by Saurus (2 Players Co-op)

[Recommended] game to play.

The King of Dragons by Capcom (3 Players Co-op)

The Legend of Silkroad by Unico (2 Players Co-op)

The Punisher by Capcom (2 Players Co-op)

[Recommended] to play.

My first encounter with Arcade games. Played together with my little bro when we were a small kids at a cottage somewhere during our Dad’s company trip.

Thunder Heroes by Primetek (2 Players Co-op)

Top Hunter by SNK (2 Players Co-op)

Undercover cops by Irem (3 Players Co-op)

Vendetta by Konami (4 Players Co-op)

Warriors of Fate by Capcom (3 Players Co-op)

X-Men by Konami (4 Players Co-op)

Bring it all together

They may not the complete list of Arcade games I played before, but for sure they are more than enough to get you occupied.

Do you have any great Arcade beat ’em up games I haven’t listed above? Do share your hidden gems on the comment section down below. Cheers!

Do you have anything you want me to cover on my next article? Write them down on the comment section down below.

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