[FREE APP] Google Duo: Simply Video Calling – Cross Platform ‘FaceTime’

In recent years, video calling has been a must-have feature for any communication-messenger app. Starting from Skype to Line Messenger, then followed by others like WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger and many more, they are all upgrading their chatting app to have video calling feature.

However, all the apps mentioned above, they have their similarity, they start with chatting app then add video calling as added feature which then make video calling is not that simple as tapping a button – there’s nothing like FaceTime for iOS users that simply does video calling and works cross platforms (iOS to Android and vice versa). At least not until Google announced Google Duo, back on this year Google I/O 2016.

Google Duo jilaxzone.com welcome to duo
Welcome to Google Duo!

What is Google Duo?

It’s simply a video calling app. No chat feature, no stickers, no emoji. I can say it’s a FaceTime from Google for cross platform video calling.

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Released recently (on Android it was on 15th Aug 2016, while on iOS it was on 23rd Aug 2016), Google Duo quickly gained popularity and become one of the top downloaded app in the AppStore and Google Play Store.

Google Duo jilaxzone.com simple video calling
Google Duo – Simply Video Calling

Features-wise, apart from video calling, Google Duo has:

  • Knock-knock: which basically if you turned on, you’ll be able to receive a video call like a normal phone call – ringtone will be ringing when someone from your contact list is calling you.
  • Auto-detect Google Duo users: just like WhatsApp on detecting who’s using WhatsApp, Google Duo does the same. You don’t need the hassle to entry/key-in Google Duo users one by one.
  • Invite those in your contact number: not everybody is using Google Duo yet. To invite them simply tap the invite button and follow the next step.
  • Power saving reminder: when your battery is less than 30%, the app will show you gentle reminder that you can have the call without the video – save more battery.
  • Quick dial: All your recent calls appear on the screen, so you can quickly call him/her again.

Here’s the official video from Google:

The Verdict

Now Android users is no longer needed to be jealous with iOS users, because they have Google Duo that does simple video calling and works cross platform. iOS users also benefit from the release, since now they are able making simple video calls with their Android-owned friends. The app is totally FREE, no hidden cost, no monthly subscriptions. It only uses your phone data plan or Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, no news yet for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users.


iOS / iPhone Download: 

>> Current Version 1.0 – Released 23rd Aug 2016
>> Price Totally FREE
>> Internet Connection required Yes
>> Requires iOS 9.0 or later
>> Apple Watch App Support No
>> Compatible with the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 4S and up, compatible with iPhone 6S
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen and up
  • iPad 2 and up
  • iPad Mini and up
  • iPad Pro

Here is the Apple App Store download link:
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Or scan below using your iPhone / iOS devices to get the download link:

Or alternatively, for iOS click this link to download.

Android Download: 

>> Current Version 1.0 – Released 15th Aug 2016
>> Price Totally FREE 
>> Internet Connection required Yes
>> Requires Android 4.1 (JellyBean) or later.
>> Support Android 5.0 (Lollipop) & Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Here is the Google Play Store download link:
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Or scan below using your Android phones/tablets to get the download link:

Or alternatively, for Android click this link to download.

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