Old Chang Kee: When puffs are not enough – visiting Old Chang Kee first original shop | Must Visit Place | Singapore

You are wrong if you think Old Chang Kee is just selling puffs and fried stuffs on sticks…

Who say Old Chang Kee is just selling puffs and fried stuffs on a sticks?

Though Singapore is considered small (in terms of land size), but that doesn’t mean life in Singapore has to be boring. In fact both my wife and myself have been trying (and still doing) to discover hidden gems throughout Singapore.

This time is Old Chang Kee. Either you are Singaporean or has been long enough in Singapore, when asked where to buy puffs or fried stuffs on sticks, there’s one place majority of us would answer: Old Chang Kee is the go-to place when you want puffs or fried stuffs on sticks. But many of the majority – you may be included here – don’t know that Old Chang Kee is actually offering more than just puffs and fried stuffs on sticks – at least that’s what’s being offered on its first and original shop located nearby Little India MRT.

old chang kee eat puff with style jilaxzone.com
Enjoying Curry Puff with Kopi Gao Su Dai and Teh O Kosong at Old Chang Kee First Outlet

While today Old Chang Kee is a public company, but like other successful grown-big companies, it has a humble beginning. Known as Rex Curry Puff, it was because Old Chang Kee first stall was actually located nearby the Rex Cinema area. For those who don’t know, Rex Cinema is one of the oldest cinema established here in Singapore. In recent years, it’s always showing India movies. At the time this article is written, Rex Cinema unfortunately has ceased operation.

old chang kee history explained jilaxzone.com
History of Old Chang Kee and its humble beginning explained on the wall inside its first stall

Enough on the historical side – if you need more detail story, you can visit Old Chang Kee page here telling you the whole story of how Old Chang Kee was born until today.

Old Chang Kee – First Outlet: Location

Address: 19/21, 23 Mackenzie Rd, #01-01, Singapore 228678.

Nearest MRT/Subway/Train StationLittle India MRT
How to get hereAlight at Little India MRT, take Exit A
Best day/time to visitEveryday between 2-6 PM (Happy Hour!)
Must try foodCurry Puffs

In case you need to zoom and pinch, here’s the Old Chang Kee First Stall location on Google Map.

Old Chang Kee – First Outlet: What you should try

The first outlet is offering these:

  • Curry puffs and other puffs (of course, duh!)
  • Fried stuffs on sticks
  • Curry chicken with rice
  • Curry puff chips
  • Nasi lemak
  • Laksa
  • And many other Singapore traditional and heritage dishes
  • Traditional Coffee and Tea

Unfortunately I didn’t try their full meals because I was full at that time, it was around 3-4pm when I visited the premise.

old chang kee the ambience jilaxzone.com
Ambience at Old Chang Kee First Stall – Nice cozy place to hang out

To my surprise, during my visit at 3-4pm that day, the shop house was almost full house. Crowded with not only tourists but majority is local people who came to enjoy puffs and other variety of traditional foods and drinks.

Old Chang Kee – First Outlet: Why you have to go there

This is where you can eat curry puffs with style on the shop – nowhere else in Singapore.

old chang kee heritage jilaxzone.com
Heritage items shown at Old Chang Kee First Outlet

On top of that, here are reasons why you should go there:

  • The place is cozy and has traditional touch.
  • They have plenty of seating and some sofa to seat on (we sat on the sofa during our visit).
  • If Starbucks or those Korean establishment are making you bored and you want to enjoy something different, hang out in a more local establishment.
  • Help preserving Singapore heritage, historical icon and places.
  • Take photos with the giant puffs outside the shop.
old chang kee eat puff with style jilaxzone.com (2)
Nowhere else you can eat Curry Puffs and drink traditional coffee and seat at Sofa – only at Old Chang Kee First Outlet

Bring it all together

To both my wife and I myself, it was worth a visit. Not only the place is easy to reach (walking distance from Little India MRT), it was also a new and different experience. Plus we get to eat curry puffs with style and some more get discounts because we came during happy hour!

Old Chang Kee Happy Hour jilaxzone.com
Old Chang Kee Happy Hour offering – offers may change without notice ya!

Till next time.

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