Sony PlayStation Classic Unboxing & Review – PlayStation Classic is on sale starting today!

Today – 3rd December 2018 – is the day where PlayStation 1 is born 25 years ago. And today, 25 years later since the original PlayStation 1 was born, the PlayStation 1 is reborn as PlayStation Classic. Not sure for small countries like Singapore, when will the mini console arrived here, but yes PlayStation Classic started on sale today in Japan, US, UK and EU countries. Go grab it before it’s gone.

Being 45% smaller than the original console, PlayStation Classic has all the details that the original console has, including the memory card slot and GameShark port – though these 2 ports unfortunately can’t be opened nor used. Alright, let’s jump into the unboxing and review sessions.

PlayStation Classic Unboxing Videos

So here are the unboxing videos, made by PlayStation official.


Don’t understand Japanese? Well, no worries. Here’s the US version of the console unboxing.

So what’s in the PlayStation Classic box

1) PlayStation Classic console

2) 2 standard joysticks, no dual shock analog controller unfortunately but there’s an adapter for that.

3) Micro USB cable for power adapter use

4) HDMI cable

5) Instructions manual, that pretty much look like the original PlayStation 1 manual

6) Memory cards (virtual)

7) 20 games (embedded in the console)

Do note, you won’t get these in the box:

1) Power adapter, you can use your Android or iPhone wall charger

2) Memory cards, as it’s now built into the mini console


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PlayStation Classic Review

Now here’s what the early reviewers said about the mini console.

Here’s the PlayStation Classic review by IGN.

Here’s the PlayStation Classic review by GameSpot.

Based on these 2 reviewers, PlayStation Classic is considerably lacking a few things to make the system great: optimization for games to run full on 60 fps, scanlines option to show on HDTV and 4K TV, dual shock analog controller supports and lastly 20 games are not enough.

But apart from all the lackings, still PlayStation Classic is as close as you can get if you want to play old-schooled PlayStation games in forms of PlayStation original console.

Hopefully, there will be upcoming hacks to enable those lacking features, notably to add more games to the mini console as well as to use dual shock analog controllers.

Are you buying, have you pre-ordered?

In case you are looking to buy one, below is the Amazon link to buy/pre-order PlayStation Classic.

In case you can’t see the above Amazon link, do click here to get the PlayStation Classic.

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DIY PlayStation Classic Portable
PlayStation Classic alternative you can built yourself!

For PlayStation Classic alternative, here something you should check and see.

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