Apple iPhone RAM sizes since the beginning

Article updated (again) on 4th March 2021 to include iPhone 12 series.

Article updated (again) on 19th April 2020 to include iPhone SE 2n Generation.

Article updated on 13th September 2019: By this time, Apple has announced the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. So the contents below is updated to reflect the latest iPhone. Read on!

Fun fact: Up to date, there are 29 models of iPhone since 2007!

Wanted to know how big is iPhone RAM size?

2019 iphone xi rumors and leaks
As it turned out, the rumored iPhone 11 with 3 camera is true – Image courtesy of Macrumors (

Well, here you go. These are the iPhone RAM size since the beginning till now – 2020.

#ModelYear ReleaseRAM Size
1iPhone 2G2007128 MB
2iPhone 3G2008128 MB
3iPhone 3GS2009256 MB
4iPhone 42010512 MB
5iPhone 4S2011512 MB
6iPhone 520121 GB
7iPhone 5C20131 GB
8iPhone 5S20131 GB
9iPhone 620141 GB
10iPhone 6 Plus20141 GB
11iPhone 6S20152 GB
12iPhone 6S Plus20152 GB
13iPhone SE20162 GB
14iPhone 720162 GB
15iPhone 7 Plus20163 GB
16iPhone 820173 GB
17iPhone 8 Plus20173 GB
18iPhone X20173 GB
19iPhone XR20183 GB
20iPhone XS 20183 GB
21iPhone XS Max20184 GB
22iPhone 1120194 GB
23iPhone 11 Pro20194 GB
24iPhone 11 Pro Max20194 GB
25iPhone SE 2nd Gen20203 GB
26iPhone 12 20204 GB
27iPhone 12 Mini20204 GB
28iPhone 12 Pro20206 GB
29iPhone 12 Pro Max20206 GB

iPhone RAM Size considered small?

iPhone 7 iPhone is an iPhone
Various iPhone with Various RAM Sizes

As you can see from the list above, on iPhone early days, Apple made them with a very small amount of RAM – in fact until today, the latest and greatest iPhone (as of 2020 is the iPhone 12 Pro Max) has only 6GB of RAM. Compare that with Android flagship, you’ll realize how small Apple iPhone RAM is!

For comparison, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus has 12GB of RAM – Image courtesy of

However since Apple made both the hardware (read: iPhone) and the software (read: iOS), Apple can fully optimize the OS to make use of the limited RAM size as efficient as they can, which in results, more often iPhone with smaller RAM size are winning the speed test with Android devices (you don’t believe me? Google or see them at YouTube).

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2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone RAM sizes since the beginning

  • September 13, 2019 at 8:33 am

    Does apple put smaller RAM size to optimize battery life? (Less chip to power)

    • September 16, 2019 at 5:45 am

      I guess so – apart from cutting and saving cost 🙂 without sacrificing on performance


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