Be productive! Here’s how to set a time limit when watching YouTube so that you know when to stop

Sure it’s great and fun to watch YouTube. Especially theses days, all kinds of contents is there on the YouTube. How-to videos, DIY videos, fun videos, traveling videos and so much more.

Issue is most of the time, we, ourselves, forget to stop and keep watching. Especially if the auto-play feature is turned on, the next video is played automatically. And only after some time, you realize that you have spent and killed so much time watching YouTube.

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YouTube logo
YouTube – #1 source of entertainment as well as #1 productivity killer

Get yourself up and be productive! Use the following method to set a reminder so that you know how long you have been watching YouTube videos and to stop when the reminder pops up.

Remind me to take a break from YouTube

Steps below work for both Android and iOS. Unfortunately, if you are using computer and web browser, you have to set your own reminder since there’s no such setting for YouTube on a web browser.

1) Open YouTube app.

2) Tap on your account (top right most icon).

3) Go to Settings.

4) Find “Remind me to take a break” and tap on it.

YouTube remind me to take a break
On YouTube app, under Settings, find “Remind me to take a break”

5) Change the time to your preference. Default is 1 hour. And tap “OK” once done.

That’s it. Now you’ll get a reminder when it’s time to take a break from YouTube.

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