Singapore Timezone Goers Enjoy 100% BONUS Credits This January 2019

Celebrating New Year 2019, Timezone Singapore is coming with HAPPY NEW YEAR promotion and giving out 100% BONUS Credits as promotion. Yes, you read it right: DOUBLE game credits!

Here is the detail.

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100% BONUS Credits at Timezone Singapore!

When you top-up $30, earn another $30 for FREE, so you’ll get in total $60 game credits, or

When you top-up $50, earn another $50 for FREE, so you’ll get in total $100 game credits.

Singapore Timezone Promotion January 2019
Timezone Singapore Promotion for January 2019: 100% BONUS Credits!

You are getting 100% BONUS Credits or if you prefer this way: it’s like playing the game with 50% discounts for all games available in Timezone!

If you are keen on playing at Timezone (either today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year), be sure not to miss this deal.

Take note of the following important dates!

You don’t to hack Timezone to get 100% BONUS Credits. All you need to do to get “100% BONUS Credits” is to come and do top-up on the following dates in January 2019:

  • Tuesday 1st January 2019 (well, we missed it already)
  • Sunday 13th January 2019, and
  • Sunday 27th January 2019

This “100% BONUS Credits” promotion is available on all branches of Timezone in Singapore.

Find yourself the nearest Timezone by checking on the following official link at Timezone Singapore website.

Another Important Things!

In case you are not aware, you don’t need to spend everything you got on the dates mentioned above, you can spend anytime you like as long as you consume the credits before expiry date (is there any? you might want to check with the staff there), however to get the 100% BONUS Credits, you can only top-up on the mentioned dates above.

Need more info about this promotion, well you can go to Timezone official website here.

PS: I’m not a Timezone employee nor have any relation with Timezone. I just share the good news to everyone because sharing is caring and sharing is POWER!

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