The Hard Bitter Truth About Smartwatches – None Are Getting Exempted

During Apple WWDC 2018 back then, people with Apple Watch original edition (aka Series 0) learnt the hard bitter truth about smartwatch: they won’t be smart forever.

Not only Apple Watch but also other SmartWatches

And probably even before Apple WWDC 2018 event, people with smartwatches running WearOS (formerly known as Android Wear OS) or other proprietary OSes (think about Samsung Gear, Pebble and plenty of other smartwatches), have first learnt the fact that they won’t be smart forever.

Apple Watch Elevated Heart Rate Monitor Notification
My iPhone 7+ and My Apple Watch original 42mm model

These smartwatches are “smart” as long as the platforms are supporting them and there’s developers who make apps for them to enhance the smartwatches usage beyond just telling time. Once the platforms are no longer supporting them and there’s no more new apps (or games) from developers for the smartwatches, these smartwatches are … not more than just normal digital watch.

Android is for everyone
Not single smartwatches are exempted from the fact that one day they are just another digital watch – Image courtesy of

To make it even sound more bitter, those who bought expensive gold Apple Watch Edition (are you one of them?) with price tag starting from $10,000 are no difference. Their expensive smartwatches are not getting exemption either. This year, their $10,000 smartwatches are just going to be another digital watch running old OS and lesser and lesser apps supporting them.

But hey, nothing last forever! Not even yourself.

Knowing this, will you still buy Smartwatch?

Apple Watch original series 0 no elevated heart rate notification
Apple Watch original showing its Heart Rate Sensor but no Elevated Heart Rate Notification feature

While I have no plan to buy another smartwatch in the near future – since in fact I owned and is currently still using my Apple Watch original edition that Apple opted to abandoned this year – but I love gadgets and new technologies so I will still consider to buy a new one even after knowing the hard bitter truth about smartwatches, at least once my current Apple Watch stop working.

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