How to always get the best photo on every captures on your iPhone

Does this often happen to you?

iOS Live Photo bad capture 0
Great moment but not so good capture

Or this?

iOS Live Photo bad capture 1
Another great moment but then again, the capture result is not so good 🙁

The moment was great and you shot the camera, but the result, as you can see and had experienced yourself, was not so satisfying.

Well, for most moments -like what you see above, you can redo taking another shots until you get the best out of it, but for certain moment, the candid one or the one happen only once in a lifetime (such as capturing shooting stars, capturing funny accidental moments), they just can’t be repeated.

But consider yourself lucky if you are using iPhone with you.

The answer to this is to enable and use live photo when taking photo.

What is Live Photo?

Introduced back in 2015 with the release of iPhone 6S, Live photo was a feature to be used as a live wallpaper in iPhone 6S. However only in 2017 when Apple introduced iOS 11, you can select best frame on the captured Live photo.

Here’s How to enable Live Photo

Live photo is a feature available on iPhone 6S and onwards.

1) Open the iOS Camera app.

2) On top of iPhone screen, find the circle button located at the top center of the screen.

iOS Live Photo Enable Live Photo
Enable Live Photo on iOS Stock Camera App

3) In case you can’t find it, try to switch your camera to the back camera and find the button.

4) Tap on the circle button to enable Live Photo. Once enabled, it will show “LIVE”.


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Capturing Photos with Live Photo

There’s no special trick required. To capture photo using Live Photo is the same way as you normally capture photo. Just make sure the Live Photo feature is enabled.

Here’s How to get the best photo from each capture using Live Photo

So you have enabled Live Photo and have taken few shots using Live Photo but still the photos you took looked the same to you, especially when you shot on moving object, the photos still either blurry, eyes closed or something you weren’t satisfied with.

Here’s what you can do

Details steps here:

1) Open iOS Photo app.

2) Select the photo you took with Live Photo enabled. You can easily identify “Live Photo” photos just by looking at the “LIVE” tag on the photo itself.

iOS Live Photo bad capture 0
Live Photo is tagged with “LIVE” on top left of the screen

3) Hit the “Edit” button on the top right of the screen to enable edit mode.

4) In Edit mode, you’ll see each and every frame Live Photo managed to capture. Check each of them and select which one looks the best for you.

iOS Live Photo choose the best capture
In Edit Mode, review and select the best frame by selecting “Make Key Photo”

5) Once found the best frame, tap on “Make Key Photo” to select the best frame to be the photo main display – which you can transfer to other media and format (such as print out to a photo paper).

6) Repeat the steps for each and every Live Photos you have to get the best out of them.

Live Photo: The Result

Here are the before and after selecting the best frame from the Live Photo.

iOS Live Photo great capture 0
With Live Photo, great moment stays great – Before and After

And this one

iOS Live Photo great capture 1
Bad capture now becomes great capture – Live Photo Before and After

So what do you think? Of course the after ones are much better than the before edit ones. Now you can do the same to all of your taken Live photos – convert bad capture into great capture. Cheers!


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