Fortnite for Android – Don’t Download Any Links and APK!

Take note: As of today, there’s no official Fortnite game made for Android. Do check back here for future updates.

Update as of 10th August 2018:

Fortnite for Android is now LIVE and available. Check and follow this link to get the download link. Sorry but Fortnite won’t be available on Google Play Store.

There’s no Fortnite for Android (yet!)

Even there’s no BETA version for it yet.

Main reason why there’s no Fortnite for Android yet despite the hype and popularity: because like it or not, Android is way too fragmented, so I bet the team quite get a hard time getting all versions of Android to work while at the same time keeping the quality to be as good as possible on every of your Android devices. Be patient and do support them.

So as much as both you and I would like to play Fortnite on our Android phone/tablet/device, please DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY LINKS or APK FROM ANYWHERE!

Fortnite Mobile APK
Fortnite – One of the most sought mobile online game in 2018. Image courtesy of and

Whatever you guys see on internet, forums, any Fortnite link on the Google Play Store or Fortnite APK, all are fake. Do not download and install it as they likely contains malware/virus/trojan to infect your Android phones/tablets. Fortnite is made by Epic Games. So before you proceed to download, best to check on Epic Games official website here on to see if they have released the Android version of the game.

As of today, here’s what’s written on Fortnite official website, “Android support is coming within the next few months. If you are on an Android device, please click “Get Started” to sign up. We’ll notify you when your Android device is supported.”

No Fortnite for Android yet, Here’s what you can do

While waiting for the official Android to come, here’s what you can do:

1) Using link to Fortnite Epic mobile registration page here, do sign up and get notified when the Android version is coming.

2) And for now, watch the official Fortnite trailer for mobile.

3) Play Fortnite alternative platforms or game.

Alternative platforms

Do you have iOS device with you or PC? Do play Fortnite on them.

For PC version, here’s the official download link.

For iOS version, here’s the official download link.

ios app store jilaxzone logo

If you can’t click link above, here’s the alternative iOS download link.

Alternative game

Rules of Survival no PUBG yet for Android and iOS
Rules of Survival: Similar game like PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Android and iOS

Before Fortnite become popular like today, there’s PUBG and there’s official Android version for it. So why not play PUBG while waiting for the official Fortnite for Android to be released.

google play store jilaxzone logo Android

If you can’t click link above, here’s the alternative Android download link.

Or if you would like to try some other great games, do check here for details.


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2 thoughts on “Fortnite for Android – Don’t Download Any Links and APK!

  • August 8, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    Hey I Didnt Download any links or Apk thanks but is this real ill download and see thank you

    • August 9, 2018 at 9:26 pm

      Hi SalmanMohammed,

      The link I provided is for alternative game, called PUBG – while waiting for the official Fortnite game to be out for Android.


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