To Coffee & Tea Lovers in Singapore: Ya Kun Kaya Toast Set for 50 cents only – Get It Now!

Calling all local kopi lovers and tea lovers in Singapore, Ya Kun Kaya Toast has toast set promotion. Normal price is $4.8, with this promotion, you just need to pay $0.50 – save 89.5% on your every meal purchase!

Yakun Kaya Toast Promotion 50 cents promo
Yakun Kaya Toast Promotion – 50 cents promo

What you get for Ya Kun Kaya Toast $0.50 Promotion?

Any value set meals from Set A to Set G, which consists of:

  • Choice of hot coffee or tea
  • Choice of toast set from Set A to Set G
  • 2 soft-boiled eggs

All for $0.50 a.k.a 50 cents.

How to get the Ya Kun Kaya Toast Set 50 cents Promotion?

First of all, this promotion is valid for limited period only, Ya Kun however, didn’t state when this promotion shall end, so all you need to do is just try the steps below.

1. Download Ya Kun Kaya Toast App to your smartphone

google play store jilaxzone logo Android

ios app store jilaxzone logo

Alternatively, if you can’t use above links to download the app, use the one below:

Android: here is the download link.

iOS: here is the download link.


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2. Register your account

Yakun Kaya Toast Promotion register account
Yakun Kaya Toast Promotion – register account on the Ya Kun App

What you need:

– Email or Facebook account

– A valid Singapore phone number for verification

– A DBS credit/debit card. Other bank’s card is not eligible to get this $0.50 promotion.

3. Once registered, log in to Ya Kun using either email/Facebook account.

Do this if you are not logged in yet.

4. Once logged in, find the Welcome Offer $0.50 Value Set Meal. Tap on it.

Yakun Kaya Toast Promotion 50 cents value set meal
Yakun Kaya Toast Promotion – Find the 50 cents value set meal

Scroll up and down until you’ll find the Welcome Offer $0.50 Value Set Meal. If really you can’t find it, too bad then, it could be the promotion has ended.

5. Read the terms and conditions. Tap the buy for $0.50 to proceed.

For ice coffee or tea lovers, unfortunately this promotion doesn’t allow you to upgrade your drinks to ice coffee or ice tea, however you can upgrade to any other ice drink (such as – but not limited to – ice barley, ice milo).

6. If you haven’t add payment method, add the payment method.

Only DBS/POSB credit/debit card can enjoy this $0.50 promotion.

7. Proceed with Payment.

And get the coupon.


Next steps is to collect your Ya Kun Kaya Toast Set at any Participating Outlet

On Ya Kun app, press the 3 stripes button on the top left corner of the screen, and choose Saved Offers.

Inside you’ll see your $0.50 coupon and expiry date (expiry date dated 3 months from the time of the purchase).

Yakun Kaya Toast Promotion 50 cents coupon promotion
Yakun Kaya Toast Promotion – Your Coupon located at Saved Offers

Tap on the coupon to utilize it. Tap on “No I’m somewhere else” if you are at different Ya Kun Kaya Toast stall to open all of Ya Kun participating outlet. Choose the nearest to you and redeem it by showing the app and the coupon to the cashier.

Don’t drink and enjoy the seat meal yourself. Share this article to your spouse, kids, friends, colleagues and enjoy tea break together. 

This is what you’ll get for $0.50 a.k.a 50 cents. Enjoy and Cheers!

Yakun Kaya Toast Promotion 50 cents set value meal
Yakun Kaya Toast Promotion – What you get from 50 cents set value meal


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PS: Since you have read this far, you can redo the steps for as many as you like – even using the same DBS/POSB card – as long as the promotion still valid – means you can buy and redeem $0.50 Value Set Meal promotion not only just one but multiple times. Buy the set, redeem the set, sign off, register again, buy the set again and redeem again. Repeat.

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