Enable Home Button on iPhone X – Bring Back the Home Button

As iPhone X users, you should get used to what Apple has made for navigating on the new all-screen no home button iPhone X. In case until today you haven’t got used to it, here’s an article that might help you get used to Apple iPhone X new way of navigating. In case you have tried but still unable to really move on to Apple new way of navigating on iOS on iPhone X, I’ve got a cure for you.

Miss the home button on iPhone X? Here’s how you can bring it back.

iPhone X Home Button jilaxzone Assistive Touch
iPhone X Home Button: Enable Virtual Home Button on iPhone X

Especially for long time iPhone users and iPhone die-harder, did you guys miss the home button already – that has been there at the bottom of iPhone screen since about 10 years ago?

Little to everyone knowledge – they might knew about this, but somehow due to iPhone X “culture shock”  where most of the navigation changed from previous iPhone before it – people forgot that actually even on iPhone X you can enable Home Button or bring back Home Button so that you can reuse this Home Button like it was before.


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Bring back the Home Button on iPhone X

Here are steps needed to enable Home Button on iPhone X:

1. Go to Settings > General > Accesibility

2. Find and locate Assistive Touch

3. Turn ON Assistive Touch

Within few seconds, you should see the not-so tiny white dot virtual button appearing on iPhone X screen.

In case you are wondering, yes – this will enable the virtual Home Button via Assistive Touch which has been there since introduction of modern iOS – iOS 7.


How to use the Home Button on iPhone X

Once you enabled the virtual Home Button, you can virtually put this white dot virtual button anywhere on the screen. If you really want to mimic the Home Button, then place this white dot virtual button at the bottom center of the iPhone X screen.

To use it, as in to simulate the function of Home Button do the following.

iPhone X Home Button jilaxzone.com Home Button Menus
iPhone X Home Button: Virtual Home Button Menus

Using Home Button on iPhone X to go back to Home screen:

1. Press once the white dot virtual button

2. Find, locate and press Home one time (normally at the bottom – if you don’t customize the Assistive Touch menu).

There you go, you go to Home screen.


Using Home Button on iPhone X to activate Multitasking:

1. Press once the white dot virtual button

2. Find, locate and press Home 2 times 

There you go, you should see iOS multitasking is activated.


Using Home Button on iPhone X to activate Siri:

1. Press once the white dot virtual button

2. Find, locate and press and hold Home until Siri appear, or

3. Find, locate and press Siri one time (normally  located at the bottom left of Home Button menu)

There you go, you should see Siri appear and prompt you with question.


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Special thanks to Wulan who kept lending her phone to me for writing articles related to iPhone X.

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