Turn On Night Light on Windows 10 – Go Easy on Your Eyes Mate!

Mobile devices has their own Night Light or most people knew it as Night mode. But what about PC with Windows 10?
Turns out, Microsoft has the same feature for PC with Windows 10.

Here’s how you can turn ON the Night Light on PC with Windows 10.

1. Once booted up your Windows 10 PC/devices, go to the Search bar located at the bottom left of the screen.
Windows 10 Night Light jilaxzone.com Open Settings
Windows 10 Night Light: Open Windows Settings
2. Type Settings, click on the Settings
Windows 10 Night Light jilaxzone.com System and Display
Windows 10 Night Light: Click on System > Display
3. On Windows Settings window, click on System > Display
Windows 10 Night Light jilaxzone.com Turn ON Night Light
Windows 10 Night Light: Find and Turn ON Night Light
4. Find Night Light and turn it ON
By default, once you turned it on, it will keep turning on until 7am and give you the default color temperature that is just a little bit yellowish.
In case you need to customize the color temperature or do automatic scheduling or schedule another time (other than the default one) when the night light should turn on and off, click on Night Light settings.


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What you can do under Night Light Settings

Windows 10 Night Light jilaxzone.com Customize Night Light Settings
Windows 10 Night Light: Customize Night Light Settings

1. Set the color temperature

Adjust it to your liking and preference.

2. Schedule night light to automatically turn on and off

If you want Night Light to be turned on and off automatically, make sure to turn on the Schedule night light option.

Then you can further customize either you want it to be sunset to sunrise depends on your location or have it turned on and off at fix timing.


Get easy on your eyes, mate!

All of our devices screens, PC with Windows 10 is included on the list, are emitting blue light which makes the looks of our screen to be crystal clear and crisp. However during night time with the surrounding area is dark (room light has been turned off) this blue light is not good to our eyes. Not only it keeps you awake but also introducing eyestrain to your eyes – too bright to see. Go easy on them by turning on Night Light and adjust the color temperature to level which your eyes are comfortable to see.


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