My Work app – a new way to easily get a job without sending out CV and résumé

Well, almost no interview and it does really depends on your employer whether or not they want to have interview with you.

Yo yo yo! Singapore recently just introduced an app for individual who are looking for shift jobs – a.k.a part time. The app name is mywork – Shift Jobs on Demand.
mywork work where you want when you want
mywork app: work where you want when you want
For you who are looking for part time or shift job, download link below.
Android download link here.
iOS download link here.

Skip the hassle and go straight to get the job

Tired of sending CV and résumé, doing few times interviews and in the end getting rejected?
With My Work, all those hassles are minimised. Thanks to the profile feature. If you ever take Uber for transporting you from one place to another, My Work app is simply Uber for finding jobs.
Perks up your profile with all your experiences and preferences in position, preferred salary, willingness to travel and how far, preferred working hours and most importantly your availability in the week and month so that when you submit to employer, they can quickly sort out and decide whether or not they want you without the need for you to physically come to their office for first time interview. All is done within the app.

How to use the app to apply for a job

Register yourself to the app

1. Download the app, open the app and register.
Android download link here.
iOS download link here.
2. Next is to put the best photo of yours, make it as attractive as you can – depends on what position you are applying for, but making yourself to look more attractive and energetic does help a lot.
mywork complete your profile
mywork app: perks up your profile – give the best photo and confirm your phone number
3. Give your phone number and  have it confirmed. Give the correct phone number, because My Work will send you the One-Time-Password for you to key in to the app.
That’s it. You are now officially registered. However, it will be much better and more compelling (compare to the rest who don’t do this – anyway these are optional) if you, within the mywork app, go to Settings and perks up the following:
My Profile. Key in your residency status, address, race and religion, employment history and education.
Work Preferences. Key in your preferred travel distance, minimum hourly rate, preferred roles.
mywork work preferences settings
mywork: how far are you willing to travel, what’s your rate expectation and what’s the role you are good at
Availability. Tap on each day, whether or not you are available on that day to come to work. AM/PM or not available at all throughout the day.
References. Put as many references as you can and have. It does really help to determine when employer picks and chooses you – in case they have similar profile, work preferences and availability.

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Now here’s how to look for an opening position

1. Once registered, go to Search tab or Notification tab.
If you are looking for something specific, go for Search tab and key in your preferred position or company.
If you are not looking for specific jobs and just want to browse through the available jobs, you can go to either Search tab or more simpler to see at Notification tab.
mywork job details and criteria
mywork: Check the role, requirements, special requirements, time and shift required, and location of work
2. Find your preferred position/role and the preferred rate/salary.
3. Tap if you see one that is interesting.
4. Check the gross hourly rate (yes, most important)
5. Check the position (second most important)
6. Check the job description whether it matches with what you are looking for and expecting
7. Check if there’s special requirements required
8. Check if any past experiences required
9. Check if any other terms and conditions
If all is good, tap on the basic terms and condition, telling that “No show and Late Cancellation, you’ll get banned from using the app”, then tap “Apply for This Job” button at the bottom right of the app screen.
Next is to wait for the employer to review and accept you.
So far, all the steps mentioned above are super easy and almost hassle-free, right?

Tips for getting a job

Everyone should have known all these, but I try to emphasize them for you so that you can quickly and easily land a job of your dream.

mywork job completed
mywork: Job’s completed!
Put the best photo of you as your profile picture. Apart from perks up your profile, putting the best photo is the most important thing. Dress appropriately when you are taking the photo. How you dress and look, show who you really are. Try avoid using too much filter, funny emojis and things like that. Make it as attractive and natural as possible.

Tips for continuously getting a job

Do you know that first impressions are unforgettable? Your employer could asks you to come again tomorrow or the next day you are available if you are doing good – which means you now secure a job already.

These are the things you need to do to make your first impressions the best your employer see from you:

1. Attitude. Act nice but natural, show that you care about the job position you are applying and not just because of the money.
2. Language. Avoid using rude words.
3. Diligent. – try to give more than what your employer are expecting. Who doesn’t like to have a diligent employee anyway?

Bring it all together

Everything is now digitalized and mobilized even for finding and getting a job. And everything now is made much simpler – thanks to the technological advancements and in this case My Work (a.k.a mywork).
Find jobs without sending CV and résumé anymore with My Work.
Works where you want and when you want with My Work.
Disclaimer: Each employer has different set of ways and rules. Certain employer still needs you to send them your CV and résumé. Do check each employer requirements in details.
As this article is written, the company currently is rolling up in Singapore only – I’m hoping the company able to expand globally, so more people can get easy access to land them jobs – and eventually cut down the number of unemployment rate down to zero.

Download Link

In case you missed it earlier, here is the download link.
Android download link here.
iOS download link here.

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