JILAXZONE.com is 1-year old. Dreams & Goals. Different People Different Paths to Success.

This month Jilaxzone.com is turning 1 year-old. Yay!
This post should be posted and published on 7th July 2017 ago, but due to holiday I have with my wife at Penang, Malaysia at that time and subsequently given the time I have to work on this website, I chose to focus and publish something else more important first (iOS 11 related mostly) and to just post this today.

Checkpoint & Reminder

My only intention writing and posting this article is as my checkpoint and also a reminder to myself to keep doing what I am dreaming and aiming for.
I am hoping that someday when I finally achieve my dreams and goals, I can easily flash back all my struggles, achievements, checkpoints, decisions taken, and to laugh to myself when read back all these stories.

Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals jilaxzone.com
Dreams and Goals
My dreams and goals are considered simple, I want to live a good life (well, everybody does want the same!), have financial stability (like it or not, this is #1 factor to keep you happy), have my own source of income by becoming solopreneur (with this website hopefully) or duopreneur with my wife and to focus more on family rather than stressful jobs. Simple, right?

Keep it going!

The idea of having my own website to write anything I like and love was started long time back, however it materialized only on 7th July 2016 last year.
At first I didn’t know if I really could make it, but until today I keep it going and going, pushing myself to keep writing and recording all my thoughts and knowledge and today I have 125 published posts. Well, it’s not a lot compare to others, but I’m progressing and aiming to even publish more useful articles going forward.

The Struggles

The struggling I have till today is that I still couldn’t find a good niche and I don’t have a product to sell. Unlike other publishers where they focus to certain areas and have products to sell, be it a book, a course, or gadgets; for me all the posts published here are basically based on my own experiences.

Different people different paths

Different People Different Paths jilaxzone.com
Different People Different Paths
Anyway, of all success people today, they might not make it on their first or second year and might not on their first or second attempts. Many gain their success after so many attempts, failures and rejections.
Not everyone is Elon Musk where he can build 4 successful company at about the same timing (Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring company, SolarCity), or Mark Zuckerberg where he successfully built Facebook and acquisitioned companies such as WhatsApp, Instagram and OculusVR that makes Facebook even bigger and monstrous.
There are also people like Jack Ma – founder of Alibaba.com the biggest e-commerce website in the world – who got rejected so many times, Warren Buffet who successful at the age 50. Or another sample is Jeff Bezos, who started Amazon on 1994 but only recently his business become booming, topping off Bill Gates as the richest man on the planet.
Hopefully you get it. Not everyone is created equal. So does this apply to success. Different people has different paths to success.

Last but not least…

That’s why, I’ll keep it going and never give up. And whatever you are dreaming or aiming for, go for it. You should keep it going and never give it up too!


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