Are You Going to Buy Nokia (again)? [POLL]

Nokia, once the almighty smartphone manufacturer, getting crushed when compete with Apple with its iPhone and Google with its Android along with hundreds models and versions coming from different manufacturers around the world.

The death and return of Nokia

Nokia 2017 Phones
Nokia 2017 Phones – Image courtesy of
But this year, in case you don’t know, Nokia is making a come back, after being sold to Microsoft and get a “ban” to not sell smartphone under Nokia brand for about 3 years. Now under its new management, HMD Global, they are introducing sets of new Nokia basic phones and smartphones – this time is with Android inside.

Nokia Android Smartphones

Apart from the Nokia 3310 – which you have heard the past months and bunch of existing Nokia basic phones, there are currently 3 Nokia Android smartphones in the market today. They are Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. With the upcoming rumors, HMD Global is said to release Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 soon to the market.
Check Nokia website today to see its line of new phones and smartphones and detail specs for each and every one of them.

Join the Nokia Poll!

Do you think Nokia will get a chance to re-penetrate the market they used and once to be the king?
Are you going or even considering to buy their next smartphones?
Join the poll here.
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