Apps disappear from Cellular Data on iOS 11 – Here’s how to fix it

iOS 11 brings so many advancements to iPhone (and iPad and of course iPod Touch). However, apart from enhancements and fancy new features Apple brought to iOS 11, there are still some incompatibility issues happening, appearing and occurring, at least they happen, appear and occur now on iOS 11 Public Beta 3 (and all previous version before it). Hopefully Apple will be able to fix all of them on time before releasing the final version iOS 11 to public, otherwise there will be many users, like me, who will be annoyed and frustrated with the issues.

iOS 11 Cellular Data Issue: Apps and Games didn’t show on Cellular Data

One of the issues, which is pretty annoying to me, is that most of my installed apps and games do not appear under Cellular Data (Settings > Cellular. Find Cellular Data section).

Cellular Data Background

In case you don’t know, Apple has Cellular Data  ON/OFF toggle for each apps since iOS 7, where you can toggle cellular data usage ON/OFF for each of the installed apps. It’s a great feature for those with limited data plan and especially for those who is data-plan-to-money-conscious, like me, as turning the cellular data toggle to OFF will make the respective app to stop consuming your data plan which in the end converted paying less cellular bill each months.
Turning off cellular data works perfectly for any apps and games that do not need to connect to internet but keep showing ads (normally happens to free apps and free games), so when cellular data is turned off, you can still use the apps/games but this time it won’t show you the ads and thus they won’t use your precious data plan. I wrote an article for that before. Do check here.
Turning off cellular data also works great on any apps and games that you really want to use them when you are connected to WiFi, especially for those apps/games which are consuming huge amount of internet bandwidth, such as watching YouTube.
Happened to me before (and I believe to most of us), I watched YouTube on my iPhone at home after coming back from office. After some time, the YouTube video stopped working, then I realize my whole data plan was gone, because I forgot to activate my iPhone WiFi to connect to WiFi at home. Lesson learned!
At least having this cellular data feature turned OFF for YouTube, I’ll get warning “Unable to connect to Internet. Cellular data is turned off.” the next time I try to watch YouTube with cellular data. And in case I really need to use it with cellular data, I consciously choose to do so.

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iOS 11 Cellular Data Issue: The Possible Fixes

Let’s get back to the topic. Since Apple released its iOS 11 public beta to public, 70-80% of my apps disappear from the list. So today, if I need to use the apps/games, I first need to connect to WiFi otherwise they will show “Unable to connect to Internet. Cellular data is turned off.” which is super annoying, because I may not always get connected to WiFi, especially during commute time.
Well, luckily after looking around the web and keep trying various methods, finally I discovered one solution that works great on my iPhone. I will list all the things I have tried below, who knows they may work on your iPhone or iOS devices.

Step 1: Start the app or game without connecting to WiFi

In case you are not aware, by default, not all of your apps or games will appear under Cellular Data (Settings > Cellular. Check under Cellular Data section). Apps and games will start appear under Cellular Data only if they require data connection and only if you have tried using them with Cellular data. If all this time, you always use WiFi when using the apps or games, they won’t appear here.
To make them appear under Cellular Data:
– Make sure the app or game require internet connection
– Turn OFF your WiFi (Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, switch it OFF) and enable Cellular Data (go to Settings > Cellular, switch it ON)
– Start the app/game and wait for some time until they start connecting to internet
– Navigate to Settings > Cellular. Check under Cellular Data section, you should find the app/game listed below.
iOS 11 Cellular Data app missing and appear on Cellular Data
iOS 11 Apps & Games Missing on Cellular Data: Before and After the Step
And in case you can’t see it, head to the next step to enable them.

Step 2: Reset Statistics and redo Step 1

iOS 11 Cellular Data Reset Statistics
iOS 11 Apps & Games Missing on Cellular Data: Reset Statistics
Go to Settings > Cellular.  Scroll all the way down to find Reset Statistics. Tap on the Reset Statistics to clear your cellular data usage statistics.
Resetting statistics won’t erase your iPhone data. Once you do this, redo step 1 above and see if this step is working for you.

Step 3: Reset network settings and redo Step 1

iOS 11 Cellular Data Reset Network Settings
iOS 11 Apps & Games Missing on Cellular Data: Reset Network Settings
Go to Settings > General > Reset.  Tap on the Reset Network Settings. Confirm to reset whenever prompted and iPhone will then restart.
Resetting network settings won’t erase your iPhone data. It will, however, reset your saved WiFi password, reset your iPhone (or iOS devices) name.
Once you do this, redo step 1 above and see if this step is working for you.

Step 4: Off-load the app and redo Step 1

iOS 11 Cellular Data Offload app
iOS 11 Apps & Games Missing on Cellular Data: Offload app

This is what I discovered myself and it is working fine with my iPhone with iOS 11 Public Beta 3.

Offload your app, here’s step by step on how to do offload your app/game. Once you do this, redo step 1 above and see if this step is working for you.

Step 5: Uninstall the app and redo Step 1

It’s pretty much similar to Offload, however the main difference is that Offload will remove the app but still retaining your saved data, while uninstalling is totally removing your app and its saved data. This should be your last effort. To be done only if the above other methods are not working.

Once you do this, redo step 1 above and see if this step is working for you.

Which one is working for you?

For me, it was Step 4 – offloading the app. What about you? Which one is working for you?
Hopefully Apple able to make it on time to fix this issue before they eventually release the final version of iOS 11.
If you have other methods that I didn’t mention here, and it’s working for you, do leave comment below in the comment section so I can add it to my article here which eventually may help someone frustrated figuring out how to resolve the issue.
If all the methods above, none of them are working for you, do leave comment below in the comment section and I’ll be happy to help! Cheers.

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