[FREE GAME] Paper.io: Conquer The Square and Don’t Die Young – Simple yet Fun and Addictive Game

Simple yet fun and addictive, that’s Paper.io.

What is Paper.io about?

Play as a one tiny block, your life mission is simple: to conquer the square and don’t die young.

Paper.io jilaxzone.com simple fun and addictive game
Paper.io: simple fun and addictive game

To conquer the square, control the tiny block to move forward and form the square then close the loop as soon as possible before other players approach you, otherwise they conquer you and your square.

On the other hand you can also do the same, while other players form their square, you can approach them, hit them in the tail then they will get conquered.

Easy, fun and simple, isn’t it?

Link to get Paper.io

Paper.io is available in both iOS and Android platforms.

iOS / iPhone Android
OS iOS 8.0 & up Android ICS (4.0.3) & up
Internet Connection Required No No
In-App Purchase Yes  Yes
Download Link ios app store jilaxzone logo  google play jilaxzone logo
QR Code    
Alternative Link  iOS Link Android Link

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Paper.io Tips and Tricks and Fun Facts

How to live longer

Make just tiny square then quickly close the loop. Avoid conflict area where there are many other players. Move to less crowded area and form your square there.

Paper.io jilaxzone.com form small square
Paper.io: form small square and quickly close the loops

How to Conquer Faster

Rather than occupying empty square, best if you can occupy other players’ spaces, while you are expanding your square, their square getting reduced. That’s how you can conquer faster. But don’t get greedy, close the loop as soon as possible before they haunt you down.

The more you conquer, the more coins you get. The more coins you get means you can buy and change to new avatars.

Paper.io jilaxzone.com collect coins and buy avatars
Paper.io: collect coins to buy avatars

How to Play the Games without Ads

Easy. No root, no jailbreak required. Follow the steps here.

You can be the King of the Square

The moment your conquer percentage is above other players, your tiny block will get a crown on top. Check below.

Paper.io jilaxzone.com King of the square
Paper.io: King of the square

Other Players are not human, they are just A.I.

Believe me. They are not who you think they are. I just realize it when I play the game on the airplane. Offline but still have other players playing. So yes, they are A.I.


The Verdict

Like I said earlier, the game is simple, yet fun and addictive. Once you tried, you won’t stop until you get annoyed getting conquered over and over again by other players.

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