Missing Line Breaks Between Paragraphs on WordPress and How to give Some Spacing Between Them


WordPress in one of the most used blogging platforms out there. With so many plug-ins and templates, there are infinite ways to customise everybody’s blogs.

Line Breaks or Line Spacing between Paragraphs are gone

However, sometimes due to combination of certain plug-ins and blog template, certain things breaks, one that is crucial is the line spacing or line breaks or white space between paragraphs are gone, resulting the writings to be too close between each paragraphs and once the post are published, it will looks messy and hard to read.

No spacing between paragraphs breaks – messy and hard to read

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Easy Solution: Patch the CSS file

Add the following entry on the blog’s template CSS to patch the issue:

.entry-content div {
margin-bottom: 15px;

You can adjust the 15px, make it bigger or smaller.

How to add the entry to the blog’s template CSS:

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be tech geek to add the patch to your blog, here’s how:

1. Under WordPress admin menu, on the left side, navigate to Appearance > Editor.

Navigate to WordPress CSS Editor
2. Once the editor opened, add the entry to the stylesheet. To make it easier for you, append it at the very bottom of the file.

3. Don’t forget to click “Update File” to save the changes made.


Once it has been added, clear your browser cache or open a private browsing tab, then re-open your blog post. Voila! Now between the paragraphs should have separator between them.

There are spacing between each Paragraphs now – Contents are more readable than ever before!

Let me know if somehow the patch not working for your blog’s template CSS.



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    Copy-pasting the script on WordPress Theme Editor just didn’t work on my side; that is why I put the script (or code, not know which one is correct), on Additional CSS and it works. Thank you so much for sharing the code/script. MukminunCom


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