Singapore: Punggol West LRT Finally Opened for Both Directions All Day Long Starting 29th Sep 2018!

Punggol West Residents Rejoice! Those who stays nearby Soo Teck LRT, Sumang LRT, Nibong LRT, Samudera LRT, Punggol Point LRT, Teck Lee LRT(not opened yet) and Sam Kee LRT shoud be happy.

Because starting today, 29th September 2018, Punggol West LRT is officially opened for both directly the whole day!

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Going Home Struggling. Now No More!

The past few years probably some of you who lives in the area mentioned above, have been struggling to go home, you need to circle around the whole Punggol West LRT track just to go home, but since today, you won’t have to do it anymore.

Also for those visiting families or friends who lives at Punggol West area, previously in the past you probably might have complained or grumbled during your visit to their houses, why it was so difficult to reach your families/friends house at Punggol West area by LRT. On your next visit to their houses, you won’t grumbled nor complained anymore. Guaranteed!

Punggol West LRT open both directions
LRT Train Going for Sam Kee and Soo Teck Now Operates in both directions all day long!

Before today, Punggol West LRT operates on the following schedule:

From start of the day till 3pm, it will go from Punggol MRT -> Sam Kee -> Teck Lee -> Punggol Point -> Samudera -> Nibong -> Sumang -> Soo Teck -> Punggol MRT. There’s no train for the opposite direction.

Then from 3pm till end of the day, it will go from Punggol MRT -> Soo Teck -> Sumang -> Nibong -> Samudera -> Punggol Point -> Teck Lee -> Sam Kee -> Punggol MRT. There’s no train for the opposite direction.

Starting today, 29th September 2018, Punggol West LRT is officially opened for both directly the whole day! Yay!

I’m Happy. What about You?

I’m as one of Punggol West resident feel happy about it, now getting home is so much easier and faster! What about you? Are you Punggol West area residents as well? Do give your comments and thoughts down below on the comment section. Cheers!


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