7 Ways You Can Reduce Your Own Carbon Footprint and Help Save the World

The Earth as we all know is getting hotter and hotter nowadays. Gone were the days where you can walk during noon time without much sweating.

What is Carbon Footprint?

Carbon footprint, according to WikiPedia, is defined as total set of greenhouse gas emitted to create, produce or manufacture goods or things, such as production of food, production of paper, land clearance, building construction, and many other things.

Direct – Indirect

Carbon footprint emissions basically can be classified into 2 groups: direct and indirect.
Direct as in emissions which come from burning fuel directly when you drive your car or use your stove to cook.
Indirect as in emissions which come from other parties burning fuel to produce things like newspaper, mineral water bottles which in the end you as customer will enjoy the products.

How you can contribute?

These are 7 ways you can contribute to reduce your own carbon footprint:

1. Do not take the FREE newspaper

Who doesn’t like free stuffs? Everybody does like it. But do they really use the free stuffs?

The next time you see someone is offering free newspaper, take it only if you really want to read it and not because it’s free so you think as why not taking it. And if really you take it, once you finish reading it, you can pass it to someone else rather than throw it to the bins.

Free Newspaper

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2. Do not take the pamphlet

Just like free newspaper, do not take the pamphlet given by the marketers if you already know that the products being offered is not suitable for you. If you don’t know what they are offering and curious about it, take the pamphlet, but return it to them if turned out it’s not something you are interested with.

3. Bring your own Water Bottle

It’s nice to always take the free cups available at your office when you feel thirsty,  but that ‘nice’ comes with a cost. Do you know how many trees and fuels needed to produce that free cups? I don’t and probably you too don’t know about it. But you can make a difference to reduce trees being cut down to produce free cups. Start bring your own water bottle.

Reusable Water Bottle

4. Stop printing emails

You just got assignment from your Boss via email. Next step is your print it out and stack it on your office desk so that you won’t forget the assignment. It’s a nice to have it printed out. But do you know that nowadays, PC/Mac/Smartphone has their own notes or reminder program/app to help you remind your tasks? Just in case you don’t know, yes there are many reminder programs/apps. Check your phone for Notes app, your PC for sticky notes app or your Mac for Notes app. Start taking notes on them. Do not print emails anymore unless it’s something really needed to be printed out.

5. BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag when shopping for groceries

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to bring your own bag or carrier when you visit markets or supermarkets to buy groceries. Some supermarkets even give you rebate when you bring your own bag or carrier.

6. Take public transport whenever possible

Yes, taking public transport is awesome, assuming it’s safe and not much delay. You don’t need to always focus on the road for any kinds of traffic, you don’t need to care about topping up gas, but instead you can use the time to do something more productive or something entertaining or even relaxing, such as read news/book/ebook, playing games, watching movies or take a 15 mins nap. By taking public transport, you are not only helping the world to reduce its carbon footprints but you are helping yourself reducing the traffic. The more people taking public transport, the less individual cars available on the road which translates to more safer and faster you and the rest able to reach home/destination.

Public Transport

7. Give away leftover food rather than throw it away

From the so many riches, there are even more people who doesn’t have enough food for their day. If you have some leftover, don’t just throw it away to bins, but spend extra efforts to walk and reach the needy and give them your leftover. They will be more than grateful.

If you are lazy to spend the extra efforts to find the needy, offer the food to your siblings or friends nearby. Those leftover deserves better place in someone else’s stomach rather than garbage bins.

The Verdict

Start making the differences by doing the 7 ways reducing carbon footprints tips above, do not wait for others to act first. Start yourself today and start making the world a better place to live in.


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