10 things you likely don’t know about Samsung Galaxy S10 – Summarized

Samsung introduced its 10th iteration of Galaxy S – the Galaxy S10. And as we all know and put aside Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy S10 comes with 4 variants: Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 5G. Check here for tech specs for each of them at one glance.

10 Galaxy S10 Facts that most people overlooked

These are things you may miss from the Galaxy S10 announcement. These 10 facts may help you to decide whether or not Galaxy S10 is right for you and if yes, which model to get. Because different models, have some notable differences that goes unnoticed with bare eyes.

Let’s start.

Samsung Galaxy S10 flamingo pink colors jilaxzone.com
Samsung Galaxy S10 Flamingo Pink – Available only in US. Image courtesy of Samsung.com

1) Different region has different color availability. Check here to know which regions get which colors. So far Flamingo Pink only available in US, while banana-yellow Galaxy S10 won’t make it to US.

2) On regions that has banana-yellow color available, you can only find the color on Galaxy S10e. No luck and love for Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+.

3) 1TB storage with 12GB RAM only available on S10+ Performance Edition. You can’t get 1TB storage and 12GB RAM on other models.

4) Ultrasonic In-display fingerprint scanner is not available on the lowest model – Galaxy S10e. Galaxy S10e uses a fingerprint on the side button, just like Sony’s phone.

5) While the rest of its siblings go with curvy edge-to-edge display, the Galaxy S10e will use the flat non-edge screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10 colors jilaxzone.com
Samsung Galaxy S10 in different colors. Image courtesy of Samsung.com

6) On the back camera, the Ultra Wide Lens has no OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) on all Galaxy S10 models, so expect the result to be a little bit blurry if your hand shaking during taking photos.

7) Also on the back camera, in case you don’t notice, Galaxy S10e has only 2 cameras, while the other 3 siblings has 3 cameras. There is no Telephoto lens on the Galaxy S10e.

8) All models of Galaxy S10 supports Bluetooth dual audio which means you can connect to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

9) As much as you want to buy the Galaxy S10 5G model, unfortunately it won’t be released and sold at the same time as the other 3 siblings. It won’t hit the market by 8th March 2019.

10) The Galaxy S10 5G is not going to be sold world-wide. At least in 2019, since most of the world has not implemented 5G technology yet.

Bring it all together

So knowing all the facts above, which one likely you’ll bring home? Or do you wait for the Galaxy S10 5G variant or Galaxy Fold to be released?

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